Windblade Introduces the Inogen Aviator G2-1050

Windblade Corporation, the exclusive distributor for the Inogen Aviator™, announces the immediate release of the Inogen Aviator G2-1050, an in-flight oxygen concentrator for use in general aviation aircraft. The G2-1050 replaces heavy oxygen bottles and provides an unlimited supply of oxygen without the need to ever refill an O2 bottle. An enhancement to the existing Inogen Aviator, the light-weight G2-1050 provides an additional 17% oxygen output over the current system, concentrating oxygen from ambient air for a single user up to 17,999’ by stripping nitrogen and storing the O2 for on-demand use on-the-fly. Used by a wide range of pilots in kit planes to pressurized jets, the G2-1050 meets FAA guidelines for supplemental oxygen and is also approved for use during all phases of a flight.
Other important features include:
- 12 – 32VDC power converter
- AC power supply (for operating the unit or charging the batteries) - Lightweight and small (7.25lbs with battery - Size 24.1 cm x 27.4 cm x10.1 cm) - LCD user interface with continual self-diagnostics
- Three (3) year warranty
The Inogen Aviator has been described as highly functional and was recognized at AirVenture as one of the ‘Best of Show’ and ‘Hottest Prospects’ during its initial introduction. The standard Inogen Aviator G2-1050 includes the nasal cannula, a softback carrying case, a DC mobile 12-32 VDC power converter, a 12-cell lithium ion battery (mounted in the unit), an AC power supply as well as the 3 year warranty.
“We are excited to introduce this supplemental oxygen enhancement solution,” said Thomas Laux, President of Windblade Corp. “When pilots stop worrying about where and when they need to fill up a bottle, they use O2 all the time. The continued growth and adoption of this
product is having a positive change in terms of safety and convenience for general aviation pilots everywhere. ”
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About Windblade Corporation:
Windblade Corporation is the exclusive distributor for the Inogen Aviator, supplemental oxygen solution for the general aviation industry. Windblade management focuses on pilot convenience and safety. The Inogen Aviator is the 2nd generation product for general aviation. Please visit for more information.

Source: Windblade Corporation

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