WildBlue, LLC Announces the FREEdom Plan

Aviation sales company, WildBlue, LLC, announces The FREEdom Plan, an aircraft resale program that eliminates unknown and unexpected expenses for new aircraft owners.

The FREEdom Plan is the first and only program in the world to give General Aviation aircraft buyers a FREE 90-day/45 hour AvGuard extended protection warranty, FREE oil changes, and FREE resale assistance on their aircraft. The FREEdom Plan gives people selling an airplane a strategy to build a substantial competitive edge over other aircraft for sale. FREE buyer’s agent services are included on their next purchase too.

“Very few resellers offer extended warranties. Of the handful that do, none of them pay for it out-of-pocket on every plane they sell. WildBlue does, and we’re doing so without raising our rates,” said owner Chris Kirk. “We’ve worked closely with the folks at AvGuard and are extremely excited to have developed a unique program for WildBlue customers. Buyers and sellers alike should expect more from aircraft brokerage services. The FREEdom Plan aggressively elevates the planes we represent and gives buyers unprecedented peace-of-mind when purchasing a pre owned plane.”

Source:  WildBlue, LLC  http://www.trade-a-plane.com/company-search?id=48852

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