WildBlue Aircraft Sales announces the “Select” Aircraft Brokerage Program

Kansas City, MO (January 21, 2019) – WildBlue Aircraft Sales is excited to announce the “Select” Plan, an aircraft brokerage program that recognizes and rewards owners who keep their airplanes in top-notch condition. If a plane meets our “Select” criteria (no damage history, all logs and other qualities important to buyers), WildBlue offers the seller a highly competitive -- some might even say discounted -- brokerage rate, without sacrificing service or our well-known personal attention. Late model airplanes, aircraft type-club members (ABS, MMOPA, COPA, etc), and veterans receive an additional discount.

On the buyer side, WildBlue now includes five hours of flight training with every aircraft sold, a FREE Savvy Breakdown Protection Plan, and discounted re-brokerage. This is in addition to reams of data, photos, and video already provided to buyers -- all in an effort to help make their decision-making process simpler, quicker, and more hassle-free. Plus, all WildBlue purchase agreements are free from questionable first-right-of-refusal clauses that so many other aircraft resellers are now slipping into their contracts.

“It’s our belief that owners of nearly-new, half-million dollar airplanes should not be paying the same brokerage rate as owners of 30 year-old planes worth 1/5 that amount, said Chris Kirk”, owner of WildBlue. “We want to bring fairness, transparency, and exceptional value to clients in all price ranges. The Select Plan does just that.”

Go to www.flywildblue.com/sell-my-plane and www.flywildblue.com/buy-a-plane for details.

About WildBlue
WildBlue is a Kansas City based aircraft sales company that has clients in nearly every
state and has sold airplanes to buyers on five continents. Our customer-centric
philosophy shuns the "quick deal" in favor of focusing on helping buyers and sellers
make the right sale or purchase.

Chris Kirk
WildBlue, LLC
Chris Kirk is available for interview at 816.479.2723.

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