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The Continental Motors Group and Piper Germany are hosting a customer event June 26 to 28, 2015.  Our goal is to gather pilots, operators and mechanics to spend a weekend discussing engine care and maintenance, the future of avionics and navigation data.


Piper Germany will welcome you at their facility located on the Kassel-Calden airport (EDVK), Germany. We encourage you to fly in with your aircraft as our experts will be there to give you advice on engines and maintenance (Continental Motors and Lycoming).


Continental Diesel Demonstration Flights Experience flying an aircraft equipped with a Continental Diesel engine. Learn about single-lever control, FADEC control and smooth and silent operation. Piper Archer DX and Cessna 172 will be available.


Continental AvGas Engine Care Save money and increase the life cycle of your engine by observing the proper operational procedures. How to care for your engine; detect the first signs of trouble, maintenance and operating tips and tricks (this seminar also applies to non Continental Motors Avgas engines).


Continental AvGas Engine Ignition System Service and Maintenance Your engine’s ignition system is essential to smooth operation. Discuss simple maintenance procedures and how to set the magneto for optimal performance. When is it time to have a close look at the ignition system? How old are your magnetos? Learn everything you need to know from the experts who manufacture the most popular magnetos on the market (formerly known as Bendix).


Continental AvGas Engine Operation & Flight Management Learn about the proper leaning procedures, how to manage your engine temperatures in flight and make sure your engine will reach its TBO (this seminar also applies to non-Continental Motors Avgas engines).


Avgas Engines: Exploring Your Options as Your Engine Approaches TBO Whether you are flying a Continental Motors or Lycoming engine, what are the differences between a factory new engine, a factory rebuilt engine or an field overhauled engine? What do you get in these cases and why do the prices vary?


Continental Diesel Products Pilots are always looking at improving the dispatch rate of their aircraft and to lower their total ownership and direct operating costs. Retrofitting to a Diesel engine means more comfort, significantly lower costs and reduced emissions.


Product Conferences of Jeppesen, Garmin, Shell and Tempest Flying is not only about managing your engine. Garmin, Jeppesen, Shell and Tempest have agreed to join us to talk about the subjects that matter to pilots. How to upgrade your avionics at a reasonable cost? What will the future look like inside the cockpit in Europe? What applications can a pilot use to prepare his flight? Can we download weather information in the cockpit in Europe? The foremost experts in the field will cover all these subjects and even more!


Speakers will be members of the senior management and will share with you the latest corporate and product developments.


The basic schedule for the event will be as follows:


Friday, June 26: Arrivals and first seminars and demo flights on the afternoon


Saturday, June 27: Seminars all day. Evening Entertainment: Biplane pilot White Scarf Aviation Gala Dinner (don’t forget your scarf!)


Sunday, June 28: Seminars in the morning, demo flights all day, departure on from noon


Alternative program for your better half that would rather escape the aviation part of this event is planned!


We hope to welcome you during this week end. Please RSVP so we can better accommodate your arrival via the event email


You will also find a list of available hotels around the airport we offer a shuttle service.


Yours sincerely,

The Continental Motors Group and Piper Germany Teams

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