Two Weeks and Counting! Sebring Expo Gears Up for an Exciting Weekend



Flying Again movie set for two showings; Aircraft Sales Lot is Ready for Action

In just two short weeks, on Wednesday, January 20, the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo will open its gates for its 12th annual run. We hope you’ve made your plans to attend. If not, there is still time to get organized to attend the year’s first major aviation event. And, with the Expo NOTAM now released (, pilots can begin their flight planning as well.

All the information you need to make your plans for Expo 2016 is available online at, including discounted admission, with an additional discount for EAA and AOPA members.

With more than 140 exhibitors displaying a broad variety of aircraft and aviation supplies, you’re sure to find something you need to make your flying fun easier and safer. Sixty-plus educational forums offer you the opportunity to increase your aviation knowledge. AOPA Ambassador Jamie Beckett will host two Rusty Pilot Seminars to help get you back in the left seat quickly and easily. And the new feature-length movie, Flying Again , will be presented on Thursday and Saturday at12:30 p.m., immediately following the Rusty Pilot Seminars.

Flying Again Showing Twice
The new movie, Flying Again, produced by, captures the love of flying shared by men and women from their 20s into retirement who left flying for a while. Each shares the story of what took them out of the cockpit and what brought them back. Jason Schappert and his wife, Ashley Schappert, lead, with John Ellis serving as the movie’s director.

Ben Sclair, publisher of General Aviation News , recently reviewed the movie and gave it high praise. “Unlike most Hollywood productions that use aviation as a backdrop for political intrigue, romantic liaisons, or blowing up everything in sight, Schappert and his crew have done something truly unique and satisfying. They’ve made a movie that shows exactly how diverse the general aviation marketplace is.…

“Filmed beautifully in locations across the country, including Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, and multiple sites throughout the Florida peninsula, Flying Again is visually appealing in a way most aviation movies miss entirely. Perhaps that’s because these filmmakers actually love to fly. That affection for the subject matter shows in the finished product.

“Subjects in the film include men and women, ranging in age from mid-20s well into their retirement years. Some are student pilots who were derailed during training. Some are low-time certificated pilots who simply fell away from aviation because of family or business issues. ‘There’s somebody for everyone to relate to,’ Schappert acknowledged.

“And he’s right. Each subject gets to share the story of what took them out of the cockpit, as the viewer gets to follow along as they venture back into the air under the wing of some excellent flight instructors.”

Ben said, “I encourage you to see this movie; and, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see it twice.” And you can do that in two weeks at the Sebring Expo!

Dye and Busch Headline Keynote Speakers
Kitplanes Editor Paul Dye and maintenance guru Mike Busch are headlining the daily Keynote Speaker slots on Wednesday and Friday, respectively, while an industry panel will discuss “The Present and Future of Personal Flying” on Thursday, and a “live” Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast is set for Saturday.

Add in the second annual Aircraft Sales Lot where private aircraft owners may take advantage of the Sebring audience and display their aircraft for sale (learn more at, a new indoor drone exhibition and demonstration area, fabric covering and propeller balancing workshops, and a daily water survival demonstration, and there truly is something for everyone at the 12th annual Sebring Expo.

Don’t forget that youth under the age of 18 will be admitted for free on Saturday, January 23, when accompanied by an adult.

There’s something affordable in the air and there’s something for everyone at Expo, January 20-23, 2016.

For complete Expo information, visit www.sportaviationexpo , “like” U.S. Sport Aviation Expo at, or follow the event’s updates on Twitter (@USAviationExpo) and Instagram (@SportAviationExpo). Find 20,000+ reasons to fly at


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