TruTrak Vizion Autopilot Approved for C175, PA28, and PA32

February 12, 2018, Springdale, AR - The STC for the TruTrak Vizion autopilot has been updated to include the remainder of the Cessna 172 series , the Cessna 175 series, the Piper PA28 series, and the PA32 series aircraft.  These aircraft are added to the existing AML STC which currently includes the Cessna 177 series and part of the Cessna 172 series aircraft. The next models to be added the STC will be the Cessna 180, 182, and 185 series aircraft.

In July of 2017, the initial STC was issued for the Vizion Autopilot system.  The completion of that STC brought a truly affordable two-axis autopilot to the Cessna 172 aircraft.  The Cessna 177 was added in the early fall of 2017.  The plan for the remainder of 2018 is to concentrate on adding many aircraft to the AML.

Contact TruTrak for more information regarding the Vizion autopilot or to inquire about future additions to the STC. More information about the Vizion autopilot is available on

About TruTrak:
Founded in 1999, TruTrak Flight Systems is a leader and innovator in the experimental and light sport aircraft autopilot market. TruTrak introduced the first digital autopilot and the now standard autopilot servo for use in this market. TruTrak autopilots are installed in a large variety of experimental aircraft, including, all Van’s RVs, all Lancair, Cub Crafters, Epic, Rans with new models added regularly.

TruTrak was founded by Jim Younkin and Chuck Bilbe in 1999 and by March 2000 produced their first prototypes of the DFC 250 and Digital Basic Servo. Andrew Barker was hired as TruTrak’s first employee in September 2000. In December 2001, we were visited by Steve Fossett and a few people from Scaled Composites. We were asked to build an autopilot for what was then know as “project Capricorn”, which later became known as the “Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer”. The Digitrak started shipping in June of 2002, it was our first of many single axis autopilot offering.

TruTrak would continue introducing many new products over the following years, some of the most popular were Digiflight II (our best selling product ever) and the Sorcerer. In the years since 2000, TruTrak has sold well over 10,000 autopilots and continues to bring out new and innovative products. The newest product release was in November of 2013, with the Vizion capitalizing on the success of the Digiflight II, but also adds features and improves user interface. TruTrak will continue with both product enhancements and new product releases which will add new capabilities and safety features.

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