Tempest Introduces New Spark Plug Tray

7Tempest is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our AA446 spark plug tray.

The new Tempest spark plug tray is constructed of high quality metal protecting the spark plugs from damage.  Other trays can be prone to tipping and spilling the spark plugs onto the hangar floor rendering them unusable. The Tempest tray design is sturdy and balanced, reducing the likelihood of tipping,  Rubber feet on the bottom of the tray help keep the tray in place on metal workbenches and tool boxes.

The tray includes numbered spark plug slots allowing for proper spark plug organization and rotation.
Dimensions are 8" x 3.5" x 2.5" 
Total height including the handle is 5"
Retail Price $62.92


These units are in stock and available for immediate shipment from your local Tempest distributor.  To find an authorized Tempest distributor, please click below.

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