Superbird Paint Restoration System Available at Aircraft Spruce

The Superbird Paint Restoration System allows you to purchase a complete set of paint restoration system products. This easy-to-use system can be applied by hand using microfiber towels or with an orbital buffing machine, vastly improving the appearance of your aircraft's exterior paint. This complete Paint Restoration System includes the following:

• Dirt, Grime & Black Streak Remover - one (1) spray bottle, 22 fluid ounces
• Paint Cleaner - one (1) bottle, 16 fluid ounces
• Paint Restorer - one (1) bottle, 16 fluid ounces
• Paint Sealant - one (1) bottle, 16 fluid ounces

For more information, contact us at 1-877-477-7823 or 1-951-372-9555.

Aircraft Spruce’s complete product line is available at as well as through the company’s free 1,000+ page catalog.

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