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SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS, MAY 12, 2015 - American Legend Aircraft Company announced today the availability of a 180-horsepower Titan O-340 engine on its Super Legend HP. The new Super Legend HP is the highest performing model in the popular line of certified factory-built LSA and kit-built Cub aircraft. The Super Legend HP made its first public appearance at Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in 2015, marking the company's tenth anniversary there.

Adding to the company's offerings of 100-plus-horsepower Continental and Lycoming engines, the availability of the Titan O-340 further expands Legend Cub performance. The new Super Legend HP boasts a ground roll of 35 feet and achieves climbout in the range of 2,000 fpm. The Super Legend HP can clear a 50-foot obstacle in a mere 200 feet.

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The Titan O-340 is a stroked derivative of the Lycoming O-320. The 4-Cylinder, 340 cc displacement engine is capable of outputting over 180 hp and weighs just 245 lbs dry, 20 lbs less than the similarly performing and larger O-360. The Titan O-340 develops maximum continuous 180 hp with its 9.0:1 compression ratio. In the Super Legend HP, the Titan O-340 offers fast cruise speeds of up to 104 mph TAS at 2,150 rpm.

The Super Legend HP's airframe is strength-tested up to 1,750 lbs for amateur-built aircraft. The same structure is used on the S-LSA certified Super Legend HP* and has a 1,320 lbs MTOW (1,430 for seaplanes). The Super Legend HP will amply accommodate two occupants and baggage. The lightweight airframe and high-performance engine of the Super Legend HP offers a superb flying experience that can be shared comfortably with a passenger.

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American Legend Aircraft Company is a standout in a crowded Cub market, in particular, with exceptional product support for its line of Legend Cub aircraft. The company launched at the introduction of light-sport and continues to be one of the most successful manufacturers in this category. American Legend has built its reputation among Legend Cub owner/operators, guest pilots, passengers and industry alike for designing aircraft true to Cub form, yet sensibly modern, competitively priced, and built to last. The variety of offerings from American Legend is limited only by one's imagination.

For further information, contact American Legend Aircraft Company at 1810 Piper Lane, Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482; call 903-885-7000, or log on to Follow us on and

Titan Engines, Inc. is based in San Antonio, Texas. Additional information on the Titan O-340 can be found at

* To qualify as light-sport (S-LSA), the Super Legend HP has a maximum takeoff power limitation of five (5) minutes and a continuous cruise operations de-rating to 80 hp. Special lightweight custom paint and avionics packages are available to maintain Super Legend HP weight under S-LSA certification rules of 904 lbs.

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