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SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS, APRIL 21, 2015 - American Legend Aircraft Company announced today a host of new features for its Super Legend, adding functionality, comfort and safety to the lineage of Legend Cub aircraft. Standard and optionally available, these features range from advanced carbon fiber components, including the company's new carbon fiber amphibious floats, to the latest in NextGen and touchscreen electronic flight displays. The presence of the Legend Cub at Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in 2015 marks its tenth anniversary.


Super Legend Lightened & Strengthened By Carbon Fiber

Under a classic-looking PA-18 style pressure cowling, made of carbon fiber, is a Lycoming YO-233 engine that outputs 115 horsepower at 2800 rpm and extends the limits of Legend Cub performance. The Super Legend's strength-tested airframe, up to 1750 lbs, also gains flaps and larger tail feathers. While many components have been lightened to maintain the Legend Cub's useful load of 475 lbs, the Super Legend amply accommodates two occupants and baggage. It remains a flying experience to be shared with a passenger. Carbon fiber components now standard include doors, floorboards, interior and baggage panels, spinner, and wingtip bows. First delivered in 2013, the Super Legend's turf has grown to more than 14 customer deliveries and a steady backlog. It has proven to be a popular step up for Legend Cub pilots and equally appeals to new buyers seeking the ultimate in classic Cub flying.

Carbon Fiber Amphibious Floats

Fulfilling pent-up demand for an amphibious float option, American Legend completed the recent certification of its own Kevlar and carbon fiber LF1500A design. Built purposely for the Super Legend, the company's amphib floats sport a manual gear mechanism plus watertight storage compartments. Their super lightweight design provides excellent strength and performance. For many, the Super Legend AmphibCub includes a wish list of features they've been hoping for since their first acquaintance with a Legend Cub. For customer Dick Parsons this is his third Legend Cub, and he's been eager to accept delivery of the first Super Legend with LF1500A amphibs. For added excitement and sophistication, Parson's current Super Legend will be equipped with a touch screen Garmin G3X display and will be ADS-B compliant.

Legend SmartCub Adds Touch

The Garmin G3X cockpit display system now brings the latest in advanced avionics to the line of Legend Cub aircraft. Available in both a 7-inch and 10.6-inch touch screen display, the G3X offers a full array of situational awareness. It's been called "more advanced than modern airliners" and it's an incredible option for the low-and-slow Legend Cub crowd. Synthetic vision, a 2-axis autopilot, and fuel flow metering are just a few of the features that separate the Legend Cub pilot into a bold category of aviators who fly all at once for sport, recreation, learning and fun.

Legend Cub Prepared for ADS-B Demand

American Legend Aircraft Company has successfully installed and received approval of an ADS-B system for the Legend Cub. A far cry from early Cubs that flew without radio and transponder, the installation meets the FAA's 2020 mandatory compliance requirements for NextGen ADS-B equipage. The option includes a FreeFlight Systems Model 1201 WAAS GPS sensor and a Trig Mode S and 1090ES ADS-B Out capable transponder. Although the 2020 mandate is viewed by some as an implementation to "hold short" on, Legend Cub operators can take advantage of real benefits of NextGen technology today. These include real time traffic display and in-cockpit flight information services. All this sophistication comes at the touch of a finger, and it's why the Legend Cub leads in innovation. ADS-B is available on the Legend Cub today, without the "line up and wait" that other GA pilots may experience.

American Legend Celebrates 10 Years

It was the introduction of a new generation of Cubs when the first two Legend Cubs arrived at Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in 2005. The show debuted a modernized version of a classic aircraft and ushered in a welcome backlog of orders for the company. The Legend Cub was built on time-tested methods. It flew like a Cub, in other words like a light aircraft should, predictable and steady. In fact, it's design and specifications were the model definition of a new category of aircraft. The Legend Cub was and is regarded as "a real airplane that happens to fit the definition of a light-sport aircraft." The greatest appeal of today's Legend Cub is its showroom new production. It's renown for quality, and it offers pilots a choice among modern features otherwise unavailable on classic aircraft or unconventional new designs. 2015 Marks the tenth anniversary of the remarkable launch of the company.

If You Desire It, American Legend Will Build It

Features and options now make the Legend Cub one of the most contemporary of aircraft, more so than most of the current fleet of general aviation and commercial planes. The Legend SmartCub panel is impressive and its flight characteristics are legendary. Moreover, the Legend Cub continues to evolve. Pilots can chose among lightweight and custom paint schemes, flaps that extend the performance envelope, a unique and comforting bungee seat, more leg, head and shoulder room, a tilted instrument panel for improved readability, easier ingress/egress, better baggage access, and excellent visibility from the cabin. There exists a dizzying array of enhancements, and American Legend Aircraft Company is known for building airplanes its customers desire. The Legend Cub is quintessentially the Cub of choice for more pilots.

American Legend Aircraft Company manufactures the Legend Cub and Super Legend, both FAA-certified aircraft for sport, recreation and training. These aircraft are powered by proven Continental and Lycoming engines. Kit versions of the Legend Cub and Super Legend allow amateur builders to create and fly their own, and can be certified to 1,750 GTOW. The Legend Cub and Super Legend feature a large, open cabin feel, exceptional slow flight capability, and docile handling for pure, flying fun. On its tenth anniversary, the company's Super Legend has evolved as the quintessential Cub.

For further information, contact American Legend Aircraft Company at 1810 Piper Lane, Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482; call 903-885-7000, or log on to See the Legend Cub, Super Legend and Legend AmphibCub in Lakeland, Florida, at Sun ‘n Fun 2015 in booth MD-001D on the flight line. Follow us on and

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