Super Legend Aircraft Completes FAA Review and Approval

American Legend
The Super Legend is a Lycoming-powered, certified S-LSA airplane.


Does it get any better than this? The Cub enjoys a reputation as an honest flying, low-and-slow airplane that brings a smile to anyone's face. Take the classic Cub, add more power, make it more convenient for carrying gear, then enhance the fun factor a bit... what you get is exactly what the Super Legend customer ordered.

The Super Legend, and its sibling Legend Cub, airframes were designed for higher performing engines. On the Super Legend, this meant teaming with Lycoming and its powerful O-233. It was a match made at 500' AGL.

Plus, the Super Legend features a flapped wing, balanced tail feathers, and a host of carbon fiber components. An enhanced baggage compartment and other amenities such as a wider cabin than the traditional Cub, dual access doors, and a modern cockpit, round out the Super Legend.

With better power-to-weight ratio than similar aircraft, the Super Legend is ideal for adventure pilots looking for realistic, extra performance without power setting limitations. It sports an airy feel from the cabin with a L-4-style greenhouse. The Super Legend is available certified and ready-to-fly, or as an amateur-built kit.

Reserve your place on the Super Legend delivery list today, visit or call 903-885-7000.


Source: Trade-A-PlaneĀ

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