The newest edition to Start Pac’s product line is the SUPER PAC. This revolutionary patent pending unit combines the features of two of START PAC’s most popular products into one of the smallest AC powered GPUs on the market. It is offered in four configurations that include 24V, 26V and 28V utilizing either lead acid or lithium technology.

The SUPER PAC psu ™* feature START PAC’s signature patent pending Quick Change™ battery that provides peak amperage to start any electrically started engine as well as 50 amps continuous @28 VDC to power up aircraft systems when connected to an AC source.

The SUPER PAC is ideal for carrying along to unfamiliar airfields and remote locations for engine starting and avionics. For more information contact START PAC at 888-901-9987 toll free or 702-982-7089. 

Source:  Start Pac

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