London, 29 June 2015: Shell Aviation is pleased to announce the extension of its collaboration with the AeroSuperBatics Wingwalking team, one of the world’s most famous aerobatic formation wing-walking teams. The AeroSuperBatics Wingwalking team, which is seen live by more than six million spectators each year in the United Kingdom alone, has had a strong relationship with Shell Aviation since 1982. Throughout this period, AeroShell lubricants, greases and smoke oil have been the team’s lubricant of choice.

Amjad Shahabuddin, Global Marketing Manager of Shell Aviation Lubricants, said: “The team performs some incredible manoeuvres, making them look easy when in fact the team and their equipment have to work very hard under demanding conditions. Shell Aviation’s broad expertise in lubricant technology and AeroShell´s product quality allow the team to perform with confidence.  In turn, we receive additional insights on how to develop oils that can meet such challenging requirements.”

Vic Norman, Chief Executive of the AeroSuperBatics Wingwalking team, said: “In our business, where aircraft are pushed to their limits, it’s imperative to have lubricants that can cope with extreme environments such as dramatic changes in temperature and pressure. For that reason, we’re delighted to further our relationship with Shell Aviation. From our perspective, the AeroShell range is best-in-class, which gives us absolute confidence in our aircraft and our engines.”

Based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, the AeroSuperBatics Wingwalking team’s aerobatic manoeuvres include loops, rolls, stall turns, wingovers and inverted flying in a variety of different countries and climates across the world. This puts immense and varied strain on the 450HP[1] Pratt & Whitney radial engines. Due to this, the team uses AeroShell W100 when flying in temperate conditions such as the United Kingdom and AeroShell W120 in warmer areas such as the Middle East.



About the AeroSuperBatics Wingwalking team, based in the United Kingdom

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About the AeroShell Aerobatics Team, based in the United States

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