Respected Aero-Cable Corp. Door Cables and Vacuum Pump Cooling Kits now Owned and Manufactured by McFarlane Aviation Products


Now manufactured by McFarlane Aviation Products, Aero-Cable Corp Door Cables and Vacuum Pump Cooling Kits!

Baldwin City, KS, October 22, 2018: McFarlane Aviation Products now proudly owns and manufactures both the door cables and vacuum pump cooling kits previously manufactured by Aero-Cable Corp. of Illinois.

The already well-known and respected line of Aero-Cable Corp aircraft door cables is now owned and manufactured by industry leading FAA-PMA manufacturer, McFarlane Aviation Products. McFarlane has made improvements by expanding eligibility and offering more color options than ever! The same stringent quality and inspection processes that go into McFarlane flight control cables are applied to the aircraft door cables, making these the best in the industry! McFarlane has been manufacturing FAA-PMA replacement flight control cables with state-of-the-art testing equipment for over 25 years.

Along with the line of aircraft door cables, McFarlane now owns and manufactures vacuum pump cooling kits as well. “The number one cause of vacuum pump failure is overheating” stated Ben Strahm, technician with McFarlane. “The pump vanes prematurely wear and fail due to high temperatures of the pump housing.” The kit utilizes ram air to cool the pump, drastically improving service life. Vacuum pumps are expensive, the cooling kit is not! Installation is simple and efficient. John Cowan, sales manager at McFarlane, says “the cooling kit may be continually reused when replacement of the vacuum pump is necessary. Several sizes of the cooling kits are offered and all components, hardware, and the STC for installation are included.”

McFarlane Aviation Products has provided general aviation with high quality replacement aircraft parts at an affordable price for over 30 years and were recently awarded the prestigious 2018 Kansas Governor’s Award of Business Excellence! For more information, go to or call 888-352-0076 or 785-594-2741.

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