Port-a-Cool® Hurricane Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit

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Summer’s soaring temps can make work in an airplane hangar unbearable. Fans simply blow hot, stagnant air around. Misters introduce unwelcome moisture, and air-conditioning is impractical in large open areas. Even mobile A/C units have ductwork that make mobility an issue to vent the heat generated from the compressor.

Finally – there is an effective and energy-efficient solution to cooling hangars and other aviation related areas. The answer: portable evaporative coolers.

Port-A-Cool® evaporative coolers are the industry leaders in providing portable units that effectively lower temperatures as much as 30°F. These units are NOT the swamp coolers of yesteryear. Advanced technology used in Port-A-Cool® units and our exclusive Kuul® rigid media pads (manufactured in the USA) produces evaporation that is 87 percent efficient. What this means in terms of performance is that units will work virtually anywhere. Our line-up of products can cool areas from 500-4,000 square feet.

The Port-A-Cool® Hurricane portable evaporative cooling unit from Port-A-Cool, LLC can lower temperatures up to 30º F and provides 14,500 CFM - the largest airflow delivery of any 36-inch evaporative cooler offered. The unit utilizes high-efficiency cooling pads and water to naturally cool up to 3,500 square feet. The 2014 enhanced design features a digital control panel with easy touch buttons for operation and status displays, eye-catching blue blades and requires only 11.4 amps for pump and motor operation.


Port-A-Cool Hurricane in an airplane Hangar


  •  3,500 sq. ft. cooling capacity
  •  14,500 CFM (highest airflow of any 36” evaporative cooler on the market)
  •  Lowers temperatures up to 30º F
  •  Variable speed motor
  •  Low-water shut-off
  •  Digital, easy-touch control panel buttons for easy operation
  •  Digital display panel indicates low-water, temperature and timer
  •  67-gallon water capacity
  •  Dual water fill with hose hookup or manual tank fill
  •  Requires no chemicals or refrigerants to produce cool air output
  •  Durable one-piece molded polyethylene housing that is rust-free and leak-proof
  •  6” heavy-duty casters
  •  Eye-catching blue blades
  •  Available in black or special order color
  •  74.25w x 35.25d x 76.5h
  •  270 lbs
  •  $3495 MSRP
  •  1 year warranty


For more information visit Port-A-Cool® online at www.port-a-cool.com

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