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10 October 2014: A unique lightweight all-in-one “micro” ground power unit (GPU) that provides superior engine starts even on aircraft with over voltage sensitivities, as well as continuous power for powering up aircraft systems, has been launched patent pending by leading supplier, StartPac.

StartPac’s new lithium 26 volt micro GPU, the Li2700QC SUPER PAC, is just as powerful as traditional GPUS but weighing in at just 32 kilograms (71lb) and coming in a much more compact size* it provides better mobility. The Lithium batteries used in the GPU last up to twice as long as lead-acid batteries and are on average 42 percent lighter and 32 percent smaller.

The Li2700QC  SUPER PAC utilizes StartPac’s proprietary Quick Change technology, which enables the user to replace the starting battery in a matter of seconds, combined with a lightweight 50 amp (28.5VDC) power supply. The full 26VDC battery pack will provide superior starts on all electrically-started turbine engines especially those aircraft with over voltage sensitivities such as the Eclipse 500, Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Agusta AW 139, Agusta AW109, and Sikorsky S-76. It has dual built in, redundant chargers and a recharge time of approximately 4 hours if the battery is significantly depleted.

Mark Marar at StartPac said: “At StartPac, we are always looking for innovations that will allow us to provide superior products for our customers. This new ground power unit is lighter and smaller than usual but just as powerful making it a very good alternative to the more cumbersome GPUs customers might be used to. Since we are using lithium technology, it will also last twice as long as traditional lead-acid units.

He added: “The Li2700QC SUPER PAC embodies the innovative and client-focused approach that is core to our business.”

StartPac has designed and manufactured ground support equipment for the aviation industry since 1997.

The Li2700QC SUPER PAC is available from today for purchase. More information please visit

Start Pac produces patent pending reliable, efficient and long-lasting ground power units and lightweight portable power supplies for civil and military aviation and ground forces as well as support equipment for the locomotive industry. Incorporating the latest technologies, Start Pac’s lithium batteries are significantly lighter and smaller than lead-acid batteries and have the ability to last up to twice as long.


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