NationAir’s Aviation Products Liability Insurance Program Fills Needed Coverage Gap for Rotor Wing Aftermarket Firms

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WEST CHICAGO, Ill.—NationAir Aviation Insurance is now offering products liability coverage and risk assessments for rotor wing aftermarket parts firms.

“This is a significant but often neglected area in risk management in the rotor wing industry,” said NationAir Aviation Products Liability Director Jamie Benthusen. “We’ve put together an insurance program targeted specifically to the needs of rotor wing aftermarket and other products manufacturers.”

Benthusen and other NationAir representatives will be on hand to discuss this products liability coverage at Booth 5105 at the 2014 Heli-Expo Feb. 25 – 27 in Anaheim, Calif.

“In our experience, aftermarket suppliers haven’t been educated about liability issues because most have traditionally obtained coverage through non-aviation insurance firms,” Benthusen said. He draws on 15 years of experience with aviation products manufacturers and OEM distributors.

“Without experience in aviation law, regulations and coverages, generalist insurers don’t have the knowledge level to understand the risks,” he said.

Moreover, there may be several levels of separation between the manufacturer, the insurance broker and the actual policy. “Products liability insurance frequently is purchased through wholesalers,” Benthusen said. “With aviation specialists, the brokers provide direct communication, and we also advocate directly with underwriters.”

The products liability division was created in 2013 to expand NationAir’s portfolio of services as a longtime specialist in aviation insurance for both rotor wing, fixed wing and aviation related assets. Clients of NationAir’s Aviation Products Liability division, like all NationAir clients, also have priority access to NationAir’s complimentary value-added services, including NationAir’s dedicated in-house claims advisor, contract review and certificate management service. Clients also benefit from preferred rates with NationAir’s partners who cover a wide range of issues, including emergency response planning, legal counsel, and crisis communications consulting.

NationAir covers all aspects of rotor wing operations, as well as agricultural and aerial applications.

 Rotor wing operations:  

  •  DOD support; executive transport
  •  Executive transport
  •  Electronic news gathering
  •  Fire suppression
  •  Flight training
  •  HEMS
  •  Heavy lift
  •  Law enforcement
  •  Maintenance operations

 Agricultural and aerial applications: 

  • Offshore operations
  • Powerline/pipeline
  • Predator control
  • Sales and demonstration
  • Search and rescue
  • Sightseeing
  • Surveying
  • Long line
  • UAV

About NationAir Aviation Insurance

NationAir,, combines the influence of a national brokerage with the personal relationships of a local broker. Founded in 1978, it is one of the country’s oldest and largest aviation insurance brokers. NationAir, headquartered in suburban Chicago, fields representatives in 10 locations across the country, with clients in all 50 states and in 30 countries. NationAir works with all major underwriters and has pioneered specialized programs to help the general aviation community reduce risks and operate more safely.


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