Raincoat® from MotoSolutions Improves Vision When Flying in Rain

Raincoat® Water Repellent for Plastics reviewed by AOPA--“The results were impressive.”

RODEO, Calif., October 1, 2012 /NewsWire/ -- Now easier to apply, Raincoat® improves vision through plastic airplane and helicopter windows by rolling off raindrops that would normally stick. The result is greatly improved vision and safer flying during inclement weather. Flying in stormy conditions is challenging.  One of these challenges is vision problems caused by raindrops sticking to your windscreen.  The windscreens found on smaller aircraft, helicopters and jet canopies are typically made of acrylic plastic often called Plexiglas®. While this plastic is transparent and extremely durable, water drops are attracted to this material. These drops distort the pilot’s vision by refracting and reflecting the light coming to your eyes. Those effects are especially noticeable at night. However, vision distortions experienced during rain are more than an annoyance. They can lead to highly unsafe conditions. According to the FAA report, Human Factors issued in 2001, “Rain on the windscreen can create an illusion of being at a higher altitude due to the horizon appearing lower than it is. This can result in the pilot flying a lower approach.”

Applying Raincoat® results in a transparent hydrophobic (water repelling) wax on your windscreen. This proprietary wax blend works by “beading up” the raindrops so they have less surface grip on your plastic windshield. Gravity and wind quickly remove nearly all of those drops from your vision. (Technically, Raincoat® results in a surface that has a 109º contact angle with water. So it has about the same effect on water as a new Teflon® pan). “We started out to develop a water repellent coating for helmet visors worn my motorcycle racers,” stated Gene Menzies, MotoSolutions’ owner and inventor of Raincoat®. “In Europe, they race rain or shine. They need a water repellent so they can see the course even at speeds of 160 mph or more. It was natural that owners of private airplanes or helicopters would realize the same benefits.”

AOPA tested Raincoat® in May, 2011 and reported, “The results are impressive. We applied Raincoat to the right front windscreen of a Cessna Caravan, allowing a direct comparison with the pilot’s side. Our pilot reported dramatically increased visibility in rain. The flight also encountered some ice, and Raincoat didn’t negatively affect the TKS fluid being slung back from the prop either.”

Made in the USA, Raincoat® is a transparent wax coating that is safe for all plastics including acrylic (e.g. Plexiglas®) and polycarbonate. It is long lasting, does not “build up” and will not harm your plastic windscreen, windows or canopies. Raincoat® is designed only for plastics and will not work on glass.

Source: MotoSolutions http://www.trade-a-plane.com/company-search?id=67302

About MotoSolutions:

Established in 2003, MotoSolutions is dedicated to improving vision through protective optics. Their first product, Fogtech®DX Instant Anti-Fog, is used to eliminate fogged lenses in industrial safety and military eye protection as well as sports such as skiing, motorcycling and paintball. The spray version of Raincoat® Water Repellent for Plastics was developed in 2011. See www.motosolutions.com for more information.

Fogtech® and Raincoat® are registered trademarks of MotoSolutions and are made in the USA.
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