Milbar® 7W TIGERWAVE™ Wire Twister Now at A.E.R.O., Inc.



A.E.R.O., Inc. has another new and unique aircraft maintenance tool now available!  The Milbar® 7W TIGERWAVEWire Twister is an innovative tool packed with many new features.


The 7W TIGERWAVEWire Twister's new features include a wave jaw design and a patented "One-Click" technology. It also has diagonal nose configurations and a Viton® cushion throat to catch clipped wire ends, preventing foreign object damage, and a textured grip. Additionally, a spring return feature that automatically retracts the twist rod is there to ease and speed up work. A.E.R.O. strives to accommodate the needs of the world's finest pilots and mechanics, and this wire twister is a must-have for anyone who needs to cut through or twist tough safety wire! Check out this uniquely designed new product now available at A.E.R.O.


For detailed information, please visit our website at or contact an A.E.R.O. sales representative at:

  • IL  800.362.3044
  • PA 1.800.831.5454
  • AK 1.866.565.7722


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