A Message from TruTrak Flight System's President/CEO

Hello All!

I know it has been a while since I have sent you an update, and some of you have been (politely) hounding me about how things are going. I have got to go on record and tell you how great it is to talk to you folks on the phone, at the shows, at the office and through email. The love for TruTrak is just glorious!

We have been really busy trying to get production fully up and rolling on the F-R model 172's. So glad to have the kinks finally worked out and I think we can safely say that things are rolling pretty nicely. Now we just need to let all the 172 owners know that we exist and that we are actually almost caught up on orders!

We have submitted the final paperwork for the installation changes we wanted to make on the 177 and for the 24 volt servo for both 172 and 177. We expect to hear back from the ACO on those items very soon. We are also working to get the early 172's and 172's with rudder trim handled soon.

We are a little slower than I had hoped on getting the 182 and PA28 designs finished up, but those are still moving forward. We expect to submit out final paperwork on those in the next few weeks. That puts us only about a month behind where I was hoping to be at this time. Not too bad considering all of the hurdles along the way.

I know you are ALL wondering what’s next after the 182 and PA28. Honestly, I just don’t know yet. It is looking like Mooney and maybe Bonanza’s are next in line. I will sit down and dig through all the data here pretty soon and will make that final determination by the time we submit the final paperwork on the two aircraft we are working on now.

I will be at the Groton AOPA Fly-In coming up in a couple of weeks and then will be walking the show at NBAA. If any of you are going to be at either of those events, please come see me or shoot me a line, I would love to say hello and show what we have going at TruTrak!

So excited about keeping this momentum going and getting all of your aircraft types on our STC! Please keep telling your friends to sign up for this list at the link below, as it’s still our best way to know who wants an autopilot.


Oh, if you have a 172 and you are on the list, call us and get your order placed! While we are currently almost caught up on orders, that won’t last for long.


Andrew Barker
President / CEO
TruTrak Flight Systems

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