Meet the Remarkable Stemme S12

The Stemme S12 is a German high-wing, two-seat motor glider produced by Stemme AG. It was first introduced in 2015 with the first production model arriving in the United States in late 2016. It is an evolution of the Stemme S10 motor glider which has been in production for the past 30 years. Both material and avionic upgrades have been implemented into the S12 to truly bring out the best of both the soaring and powered flight capabilities of this aircraft.

The Stemme S12 features a cantilever wing, T-tail, side by side seating configuration, and a folding propeller system that allows the pilot to stow the propeller during flight. This unique system allows the pilot to alternate between flying under power or without power during any point of the flight.

The aircraft is made from composite material. Its 82.0 ft wingspan can be folded down to a 37.5 ft span to allow for easier ground maneuvering and storing in as small as a 40ft T-hangar. The mid-fuselage-mounted engine is the 115 hp Rotax 914 F2/S1 four-stroke turbocharged powerplant which drives the stow able, folding, variable-pitch propeller. Its maximum glide ratio is 53:1 with a max cruise of 140kts @10,000ft. Maximum fuel capacity is 31.7 gal allowing for a range of up to 950 nm.

Stemme USA is based out of (KCAE) Columbia Metropolitan Airport in West Columbia, SC. The lead demo pilot there is Wes Chumley and he can be contacted at 803.726.8884 or for any further inquiries or questions.


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