McFarlane Aviation Products Expands Line of Control Surface Skins for Early Model Cessna Aircraft


Baldwin City, KS, November 29, 2018: McFarlane Aviation Products has expanded their well-known line of manufactured control surface skins to include Cessna 120, 140, 170 and 195 series aircraft. Design features and precision manufacturing processes provide uniform corrugation shape and spacing tolerances.

Jason Klenklen, aircraft mechanic, notes that the skins do not have predrilled holes. He states, “without predrilled holes, installers do not need to worry about misalignment and rivet hole variations from one aircraft to the next.” In addition to eliminating the worries of not matching existing components, the precise skin geometry and corrugations further prevent misalignment. Mr. Klenklen says, “misaligned corrugations and any slight variation in corrugation shapes cause setbacks during installation. By having the part cut to shape with precise corrugations, fitting is fast and efficient compared to other options.”

McFarlane’s extensive background in control surface skin manufacturing for Cessna aircraft include many design features that make them the best available. All FAA-PMA skins from McFarlane Aviation Products come with complete documentation and are available as convenient kits or individually.

McFarlane Aviation Products has provided general aviation with high quality replacement aircraft parts at an affordable price for over 30 years and were recently awarded the prestigious 2018 Kansas Governor’s Award of Business Excellence! For more information, go to or call 888-352-0076 or 785-594-2741.

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