McFarlane Aviation Products Develops Aircraft Specific Kits

Piper Main and Nose Strut Seal and Repair Kits, developed by McFarlane

Baldwin City, KS, August 27, 2018: McFarlane Aviation Products has developed kits specific to your aircraft!

Too often seal and repair kits have more parts than are needed or even worse, not enough parts to complete the job. McFarlane Aviation Products has done the research and developed main and nose strut seal and repair kits that are aircraft model and serial number specific. Now you get the parts that you need and don’t pay extra for parts that you don’t need. “It took an extensive amount of research to accomplish the accuracy in these kits that is needed. There are a lot of variations in the parts used.” stated Austin Beine, Engineering Manager. “We have been able to develop kits for Piper PA22 thru PA44 aircraft that are complete and accurate.” All components are industry standard meeting the applicable MIL-SPEC or original Piper parts. Full traceability to the manufacturer of the parts is kept through McFarlane’s extensive quality control system.

Piper Main and Nose Strut Seal and Repair Kits, developed by McFarlane

These main gear and nose gear strut seal and repair kits are the most accurate on the market. McFarlane is well known for the quality and accuracy of their products. Everyone will save money and time when utilizing the McFarlane strut kits.

McFarlane Aviation Products has provided general aviation with high quality replacement aircraft parts at an affordable price for over 30 years and were recently awarded the Kansas Governor’s Award of Excellence! For more information, go to or call 800-544-8594 or 785-594-2741.

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