Lindy's Aircraft Tugger Now Includes Spring Ramp for Easy Loading of Aircraft

Lindbergh AC Tug Company introduced another feature to their exceptional tug that helps tugger owners load their aircraft on their tug more easily.  The spring ramp feature allows the aircraft tugger to drive over uneven surfaces and hangar lips with the front of the tug hanging up.  When in its resting position, the springs keep it 1.5” from the ground for plenty of clearance.  During the loading procedure, the weight of the nose wheel pushes the front lip of the ramp on the tugger to the ground for easy loading.  Once the nose wheel is loaded and the weight is off the ramp, it springs back to its horizontal position. The ramp feature if primarily used for the loading of aircraft with nose wheel pants and dual nose wheels.

If you are in need of an aircraft tugger or just looking for more information, contact Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Company at 1-888-631-5011 or visit them on the web at

Source: Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Co

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