Wireless AHRS Empowers the Tablet Revolution

Oviedo, FL – August 16, 2011: Levil Technology today announced the release of their newest Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) for mobile devices. The new AHRS-G mini provides pitch and bank information as well as magnetic heading, inclination, gravity load and yaw rate without any connections to the aircraft’s electrical or vacuum system. The 5oz instrument can also provide air data when connected to the pitot-static system enabling mobile devices to display the conventional “six pack” of instruments. The “mini” version is an addition to Levil’s existing AHRS-G product line; a set of all-in-one MEMS based AHRS with embedded engine modules. Levil designed the AHRS-G mini from the ground up adding the ability for a device to connect via USB or WiFi. “The capabilities of today’s navigation software for portable devices are simply unbelievable, yet none of them could provide reliable attitude information on the iPad. We wanted to create a low-profile, lightweight and independent AHRS that would essentially complete the package and provide an additional layer of safety to every pilot”, says Ruben Leon, founder of Levil Technology Corp. AHRS-G mini features an internal battery that lasts over 8 hours and can be recharged through the mini-USB port or automatically when hardwired to the aircraft’s electrical system. Another element that makes the AHRS-G mini even more appealing is the wide range of applications for Windows and iPhone/iPad devices this new product is compatible with. For instance WingX Pro7, the number one top grossing navigation application on the App Store, recently announced the addition of Synthetic Vision at Airventure Oshkosh 2011. Hilton Software LLC teamed up Levil Technology Corp to integrate its AHRS mini and provide pitch and bank information for its Synthetic Vision on iPad. “WingX Pro7 combined with the AHRS-G mini is the ultimate backup solution for every pilot” says Ruben Leon.
Moreover, popular apps such as iHUD, SmartEFIS, Digital Sectional will soon make an appearance on the App Store with their new AHRS integrated version. “We will be seeing more apps in the near future with amazing capabilities. We didn’t know there was such a huge demand for the AHRS-G mini until we sold out on the first day at Oshkosh. It is exciting to be the pioneers and bring such a great product into the aviation community at an incredibly low price”, says project manager Ananda Leon. Additionally, the low-cost AHRS-G mini is GPSindependent, features in-flight power reset recovery and withstands aerobatic maneuvers.

Source: Levil Aviation http://www.trade-a-plane.com/company-search?id=61665

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