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SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 8, 2013 - American Legend Aircraft Company announced today special pricing at $6,000.00 off its Legend Cub. Available for a limited time (through the end of 2013) new aircraft buyers can take delivery of a well-equipped Legend Cub S-LSA for $139,970. The Legend Cub is a widely recognized leader in light-sport aircraft. It delivers higher power-to-weight ratio than many aircraft in its class and is a favorite among private and commercial pilots flying for sport. This special pricing is available on the company’s most popular configuration of the Legend Cub AL3 model.
The 2013 Legend Cub has evolved, since its debut in 2005, as a modern version of the venerable Cub. It remains true to the classic Piper designs with added features that make it more comfortable, convenient and safe to operate. The $139,970 Legend Cub configuration features a J3-style open cowling with carbon-fiber “eyebrow” baffles accentuating its 100-horsepower Continental engine. The panel, powered by an electrical system--absent on vintage Cubs--includes a Garmin radio, transponder and GPS. A TruTrak ADI, dimmable instrument lighting, and wing-mounted AeroLEDs make the aircraft Night VFR capable.


Additional options on the Legend Cub allow pilots to customize their aircraft to fit their unique personality, matched with the type of flying they desire. Panel choices range from the touchscreen GPSMAP 796 to “glass panel” Dynon SkyView or Garmin G3X. Cub yellow is standard; paint scheme options include Combat Cub green or other custom choices. Airbag seatbelts, ADS-B, autopilot, interior styling, bushwheel tires, and ski or float options add to the experience of flying low-and-slow just for the fun of it. All options are available as upgrades to the special pricing configuration.
The Legend Cub special pricing represents a cost savings / bundling option allowing customers to buy a new aircraft when few pre-owned Legend Cub offerings are available. It is the first such discount offered by the company in five years. Deliveries can be expected in Spring 2014. However, orders must be placed by year-end to take advantage of the special pricing at $139,970. Early delivery slots will be given to early buyers. American Legend Aircraft Company reserves the right to remove this offer at any time.
American Legend Aircraft Company manufactures the Legend Cub and Super Legend--both FAA-certified aircraft for sport, recreation and training. These aircraft are powered by proven Continental and Lycoming engines. A kit version of the Legend Cub allows amateur builders to create and fly their own, and can be certified to 1,750 GTOW.

Source: American Legend Aircraft Company http://www.trade-a-plane.com/company-search?id=73749


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