Learn to Cover Your Aircraft like a Pro


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Learn to Cover Your Aircraft like a Pro

Do you want your aircraft to have a show-quality finish? Want to be able to do it yourself? Look no further! Learn to cover your aircraft like a pro at the Superflite™ Fabric Covering and Painting Workshop.

This workshop will be located at Pierce Aero in Graham, Texas on November 5th and 6th, 2016. Yes, it is a 2-day workshop, and it’s only $350! You won’t only walk away having learned each step on how to (re)cover your aircraft; you will also receive a Superflite™ System 7™ manual, a Superflite™ Instructional DVD, a Certificate of Completion, lunch on both days, AND a $150 Superflite™ gift certificate!

Each day’s schedule will run from 8am – 5pm with a one hour lunch break. Day 1 includes an overview of Superflite™, covering methods, fabric cleaning and inspection, priming equipment and tools, and a review Q&A session. Day 2 includes how to do a primed surface inspection, sand the primer, painting equipment & tools, applying the superthane topcoat, and will end the day with a review Q&A session.

For detailed information, please visit our website at http://superflite.com/t-fabric-workshop.aspx or contact the Superflite™ workshop coordinator, Molly Dean at:
• 800-323-0611 or
• molly@superflite.com

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Since 1949, Superflite™ has been helping aircraft enthusiasts everywhere build and cover their personal aircraft. Superflite™ currently serves customers in the United States and worldwide. http://www.trade-a-plane.com/company-search/details?id=56977&search=/company-search/by_name?filter=superflite

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