Garmin announces approval of the GTX 335D & GTX 345D diversity transponders by FAA, EASA and TCCA

December 11, 2019 - Garmin is pleased to announce that it has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) STC approval, in conjunction with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) validation for the GTX 335D and GTX 345D. These Diversity transponders provide optimal ADS-B Out coverage and visibility, while operating throughout the global airspace system. GTX 335D offers ADS-B Out, while the GTX 345D provides ADS-B Out as well as dual-link ADS-B In traffic and weather for display on compatible avionics and mobile devices. Remote-mount versions are also available. The GTX 335D/GTX 345D transponders are intended for qualifying aircraft that may prefer or require a diversity solution, while also meeting or exceeding global ADS-B airspace requirements.


GTX 335D and GTX 345D utilize two antennas mounted on the top and bottom of the aircraft, providing superior operational coverage. As opposed to having a single antenna that is mounted on the bottom of the aircraft, diversity antennas help reduce antenna shading caused when the aircraft turns or maneuvers. Diversity antennas also improve line-of-sight visibility and allow the transponder to more robustly send and receive ADS-B transmission from other participating aircraft, further improving visibility while operating throughout the global airspace system. All versions of GTX 335D and GTX 345D interface with a compatible WAAS GPS position source to meet ADS-B “Out” requirements (integrated GPS variants are not available). GTX 335D and GTX 345D are also compatible with the Garmin altitude encoder, which conveniently mounts to the transponder backplate for easy installation and service, precluding the need for a static leak check after removal of the transponder for maintenance.

The GTX 345D transponder unlocks more capabilities for pilots by displaying FIS-B weather and dual-link ADS-B traffic on compatible cockpit displays, Garmin portables, and mobile applications such as Garmin Pilot™ and FltPlan Go. Exclusive features such as TargetTrend™ and TerminalTraffic™ further enhance the display of traffic within Garmin products. GTX 345D may be integrated into the aircraft’s audio panel to provide ATC-like audible alerts – such as “Traffic: 10 o’clock, same altitude, two miles” to help pilots keep their eyes outside the cockpit when looking for traffic. FIS-B weather products include NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, winds, and temperatures aloft, NOTAMs, AIRMETs, and SIGMETs. New FIS-B weather products including lightning, turbulence, icing (current and forecast) and cloud tops are currently capable of displaying on GTN, G1000 NXi, Garmin Pilot and the aera 660 aviation portable.

The GTX 335D and GTX 345D are available immediately starting at a suggested retail price of $6,495 and $7,995 respectively. For additional information, visit or contact a local Garmin Authorized dealer.

Garmin’s aviation business segment is a leading provider of solutions to OEM, aftermarket, military and government customers. Garmin’s portfolio includes navigation, communication, flight control, hazard avoidance, an expansive suite of ADS-B solutions and other products and services that are known for innovation, reliability, and value. For more information about Garmin’s full line of avionics, go to

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