New Castle, Delaware (KILG), September 30, 2014Dumont Aviation announced this week that Accountable Manager, Gerard van Dyk, has received the FAA Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award. The award is given in appreciation for dedicated service, technical expertise, professionalism and outstanding maintenance contributions to further the cause of aviation safety.

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Mr. van Dyk,”Van”, as he is known in the aviation community, has established an aviation maintenance career spanning more than 50 years. Mr. van Dyk moved to Delaware from the Netherlands in 1962. In the Netherlands, he was a member of the Royal Dutch Air Force and worked for KLM Airlines as a mechanic. When he moved to the US, he was welcomed and encouraged by the FAA in Philadelphia. In 1963, he obtained his A&P Certificate and worked for Summit Aviation in Middletown, Delaware. In 1971, he obtained a position at the New Castle County Airport (KILG) for the Rollins Flight Department as a Maintenance Manager. When the Rollins Flight Department closed in 1974, Mr. van Dyk and his wife Wyneke, started a maintenance company there named Gerard van Dyk, Inc. In 1975, he and his wife established an FBO called, New Castle Aviation.
In 1977, he became the Director of Maintenance for Summit Aviation at KILG. In 1985 he opened a family owned corporate maintenance facility at KILG named ELCORTA Inc. This business became a FAA Repair Station and in 1999, expanded to a maintenance facility hangar. In 2013, Dumont Aviation acquired the Facility and Mr. van Dyk is the Accountable Manager.
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Dumont Aviation is based in New Castle, Delaware (KILG) and was founded in January 2013. However, its predecessor companies Elcorta and MX Jet Services have a history at the New Castle Airport going back to 1974. Dumont Aviation specializes in Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Management, Aircraft Maintenance and Aircraft Part Sales. Dumont Aviation provides a team of experienced aviation professionals, low cost services and a high level of customer service. To learn more go to the Dumont Aviation website, www.dumontde.com.
The Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award is named in honor of Mr. Charles Taylor, the first aviation mechanic in powered flight. The Charles Taylor “Master Mechanic” Award recognizes the lifetime accomplishments of senior mechanics, and is considered the highest award given by the FAA for the Aviation Mechanic.

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