Zulu Flight Training’s Private Pilot Program Achieves Highest Level of FAA Acceptance

Continental Motors, Inc
Zulu Flight Training, Inc. (Zulu), a subsidiary of general aviation aircraft piston engine manufacturer, Continental Motors, Inc. (CMI), announced today that they achieved acceptance for their Private Pilot Training Course under the FAA Industry Training Standard (FITS) program.  The FITS program was created by the FAA with Industry and Academia to allow the development of training programs that are more convenient, more accessible, less expensive and more relevant to prospective private pilots.

FITS accredited programs help new pilots develop risk management skills, flight and aircraft proficiency and in-depth systems knowledge.  Coupling the FITS program with Zulu Flight Training’s curriculum that utilizes scenario-based training to prepare students for the multitude of aircraft,  situations and events that occur in the operation of aircraft ensures new pilots are truly proficient in flight.

The Zulu training model provides private pilot training through the use of advanced, full motion flight training devices to allow future pilots to become completely proficient in all aspects of flight without encountering the limitations of aircraft only training models.  Zulu’s fully integrated flight training model includes unrestricted use of full motion aviation training devices supplied by Redbird Flight Simulations; access to advanced, glass panel aircraft; and a proprietary set of structured training materials that maximizes training time without extending the time required to become a pilot.

”FITS acceptance of Zulu’s Private Pilot Course is an important milestone that further enhances the value to prospective pilots,” said Ms. Gloria Liu, General Manager of Zulu Flight Training, Inc.  “With a student retention rate already at 90%, FITS will allow us to offer greater flexibility to the student with greater safety focus by making proficiency the determining factor rather than flight hours in readiness for a pilot license.”

Zulu offers courses for Private Pilot, Instrument Flight Rules, and flight proficiency reviews.  With the success of the FITS accreditation for the Private Pilot course complete, the Zulu team will now apply for FITS acceptance for its IFR offerings in preparation for expansion of the business throughout the United States and globally.

Zulu Flight Training, Inc. of Mobile, Alabama is a flight school operating out of H L Sonny Callahan Airport (KCQF) and the Eastern Shore Centre.  The company offers courses in private pilot certification, instrument rating, and pilot proficiency.

Source: Continental Motors http://www.trade-a-plane.com/company-search?id=53316

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