Continental Motors Services and Aircraft Specialties Lubricants announce a joint evaluation program of CamGuard, an advanced aviation oil additive.


Fairhope, Alabama, September 4, 2014Continental Motors Services (CMS), a division of Continental Motors Group announced today they have entered into an agreement and established a joint evaluation program with Aircraft Specialties Lubricants (ASL) to verify the benefits of CamGuard, an aviation oil additive manufactured by ASL. This program will evaluate CamGuard in engines overhauled or repaired by CMS (formerly Mattituck). Both companies agree the time is appropriate to demonstrate merits of pairing the latest lubricant technology with the current engine technology resulting in less maintenance, lower overall operating cost and greater longevity.

“We believe the program could potentially benefit current and future customers by demonstrating and documenting the attributes of the CamGuard additive product” stated Bill Ross, Director of Product Support and Continental Motors Services. “In general, lubricant technology in aviation has not kept pace with other transportation industries. If this program can demonstrate conclusively the positive benefits of oil additive technology found in CamGuard, it could change the way engine manufacturers deal with oil product specifications”, continued Ross.

The evaluation period runs concurrent with the 18-month warranty period offered on overhauled or repaired engines. The standard warranty remains fully in effect during this evaluation. Specific information regarding the program will be provided to the Program Participants at signup. Camguard will be made available to the Participants for the duration of the evaluation. Participants will be asked to follow a specific break-in and maintenance schedule which is similar to existing guidance. Participants will provide an oil sample at each oil change for analysis. A small number of Participants may be requested to have their engines undergo “enhanced” inspections, during routine service at no additional cost.


Aircraft Specialties Lubricants, LLC is committed to creating additive products that provide a meaningful benefit to the end user. Ed Kollin, Technical Director at ASL says; “Aviation oils lack the latest available lubrication technology because they are essentially blended to Navy piston engine requirements from the middle of the last century. Market size and certification costs have been a deterrent for the industry to keep pace with lubrication technology. We look forward to working with Continental Motors on this promising evaluation program.”

Continental Motors Services (CMS), a subsidiary of Continental Motors Group is located in Fairhope, AL. CMS is a primary source for general aviation services since 1996 and employs 26 full time people. CMS offers a variety of aviation services including overhaul/repair for Continental and Lycoming engines, cylinder overhaul, avionics services, fuel sales, parts sales and major aircraft repairs.

Continental Motors Group Co. Ltd. of Hong Kong, China is a subsidiary of AVIC International Holding Corporation of Beijing, China. Its mission is to provide advanced gasoline and Jet-A engine products, spare parts, engine and aircraft services, and pilot training for the general aviation marketplace. Continental is an international operation employing approximately 450 team members in Mobile and Baldwin counties, Alabama, USA; 200 team members in St. Egidien, Germany; and 8 team members in Beijing, China. More information can be found at

Aircraft Specialties Lubricants, LLC is a leading manufacturer of specialized oil additive products. The company manufactures CamGaurd Aviation, an FAA Accepted oil supplement as well as specially formulated versions for other transportation power-plants such as automobile, marine, and HD diesel. CamGuard branded products are specifically engineered to enhance commercially available oils in ways that provide a meaningful benefit to the end user.

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