Continental Motors’ CD-155 Engine Now EASA Certified for Diamond DA42 TDI


St. Egidien (Germany), 9 March 2015Continental Motors Group Ltd, an AVIC International Holding Corporation company, has partnered with Diamond Aircraft Industries to provide the highly reliable and efficient 155 hp Continental Jet-A diesel engine option, now EASA type certificated for installation, on its highly successful twin-engine DA42 TDI. FAA validation is pending.

Diamond Aircraft Industries (DAI) conversion program now includes the performance enhancing CD 155 engine with 114 kW (155 hp) output for the existing DA42 TDI. More than 500 Continental Jet-A diesel powered DA42 aircraft owners and operators have the option to upgrade from their 135 hp Centurion 1.7 and CD-135 (previously known as Centurion 2.0) engines.

“Continental Motors is pleased with Diamond’s decision to offer the CD-155 to its DA42 TDI customers. Adding this option represents a major commitment to the customer base,” said Ken Suda, President and Managing Director of Technify Motors GmbH (TMG), the German subsidiary of Continental Motors Group. “In particular, including the CD-155 to the type certificate adds a nice upgrade option for current DA42 TDI owners and operators,” he emphasized.

“For Diamond Aircraft it is very important to offer our customers possibilities to maintain the value of their aircraft. Particularly for those who have purchased their Diamond plane before 2009,” says Christian Dries, CEO Diamond Aircraft Austria.

For current DA42 TDI owners and operators who wish to upgrade their Centurion 1.7 or CD-135 powered DA42 TDI to the CD-155, should contact Diamond Aircraft at or visit upgrade.html for more details. The conversions are available at Diamond Aircraft Austria and Diamond Canada. The CD-155 diesel engine must be ordered through Continental Motors. For additional information and to purchase engine go to or email


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Diamond Aircraft Industries is an Austrian-based manufacturer of general aviation aircraft and motor gliders, which also has a large manufacturing facility in London, Ontario, Canada and a joint venture production line in Shandong, China. The company produces a range of light aircraft and has been actively engaged in the development, market introduction and production of state-of-the-art single and twin diesel piston aircraft. The Diamond DA42 equipped with diesel engines is the world’s best-selling twin aircraft since its introduction in 2004. Diamond was the first OEM equipping its aircraft with Centurion/Continental diesel engines.

AVIC International Holding Corporation was set up in 1979, with majority shares owned by Aviation Industries of China (AVIC). Headquartered in Beijing, AVIC International delivered over 147 billion RMB in revenue in 2013. The company has over 70,000 employees across 400 subsidiaries and is located in over 50 countries. AVIC International is a well-diversified company, with holdings in International Civil Aviation, Trade & Logistics, Retail & High-end Consumables, Real Estate and Hotel Management, Electronics Manufacturing, and Natural Resource Development. More information can be found at

Continental Motors Group, Ltd. of Hong Kong, China is a subsidiary of AVIC International Holding Corporation of Beijing, China. Its mission is to provide advanced gasoline and diesel (jet fuel) piston engine products, spare parts, engine and aircraft services, avionics equipment and repairs as well as pilot training for the general aviation marketplace. Continental is an international operation employing approximately 450 team members in Mobile and Baldwin counties, Alabama, USA; 200 team members in St. Egidien, Germany; and 8 team members in Beijing, China. More information can be found at

Technify Motors GmbH is the leading manufacturer for certified Continental Diesel (jet fuel) piston aircraft engines for general aviation, and has been part of the Continental Motors Group since July 2013. Continental Diesel have a global network of more than 350 authorized service centers to support worldwide customers. Altogether, 4,000 plus Continental Diesel engines delivered to date have successfully completed more than 4 million flight hours. Technify also produces engine components and engine applications for defense and automotive industry. More information can be found at www.continentaldiesel.

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