Continental Equips New Mooneys New Mooney M10 unveiled at Zhuhai Airshow – Diesel Equipped Models


Zhuhai (China), 11 November 2014Continental Motors Group Ltd, an AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC Intl’) company, congratulates Mooney International on its unveiling of the first Mooney trainer and performance models at the 2014 China Airshow in Zhuhai, China. The new M10 series is equipped with Continental Diesel engines, the M10T with a CD-135 and the M10J with a CD-155 which run on Chinese Jet Fuel No. 3 as well as many other jet fuels. The Mooney M10T and the M10J fill a market need and reflect innovation at a different level of the fleet mix and these aircraft will prepare students for the high performance M20 series. The M10 series is expected to gain certification and begin deliveries in 2017.

“CMG congratulates Mooney today on its new M10 series aircraft. The Mooney name is synonymous with performance, and no surprise they have again chosen the ideal propulsion solution for this new and exciting market in selecting Continental’s CD series. I know pilots will appreciate CD-155’s performance in the M10J. They will also be delighted by the low operating costs of the CD-135 in the M10T and CD-Series’ industry leading reliability record. These aircraft mark a new beginning for Mooney and are an indication of great product innovation coupled with a long history of the companies’ cooperation, both in gasoline and diesel engine equipment,” said Rhett Ross, Director, Continental Motors Group and Vice President, AVIC International.

“We designed the all new M10J model with longtime Mooney fans in mind. The M20J helped change general aviation by making flying practical to more people across the U.S. Now, the M10J promises to do the same for the world. Not just in the U.S., but also in China as its general aviation industry quickly develops,” said Dr. Jerry Chen, Mooney CEO.

The M10T equipped with CD-135 is a modern fixed gear composite trainer equipped to train new pilots for the Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) that they will be flying in the future. The M10J equipped with CD-155 will provide an upgrade from the M10T airframe with more luxury and amenities for the owner pilot. These two aircraft will provide the general aviation market with a modern aircraft, not only for the mature western aviation market, but also for the fast growing Chinese market as both models are equipped with Continental Diesel engines to benefit from Continentals global operation and product strategy.


The M10 series is a stepping stone to the Mooney M20 series which are all Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) Part 23 certified aircraft. The M20TN Acclaim Type S and M20R Ovation3 are single engine aircraft legends known for their high performance and fast speed. The twin turbo charged 242 ktas M20TN Acclaim Type S features a premium package that includes a Continental Gold Standard TSIO-550 G engine with a three or five-year full parts and labor warranty and a 2200-hour TBO. The M20R Ovation3 features a 310hp Continental Gold standard IO-550 engine and an industry-leading 197 ktas cruise speed.. The M10T will fill the need for a new trainer option for new pilots and flight schools everywhere so pilots can seamlessly move onto Mooney’s M20 series. The M10J, displayed as a full-scale mock-up at the show, is a retractable gear, diesel-powered aircraft. The M10J performance goals include cruise speeds greater than 170 ktas and a range of more than 1,000 nm while maintaining a competitive market price. The “J” designation alludes to the well-regarded and highly popular M20J also known as the Mooney 201. The M20J is regarded amongst the most fuel-efficient single engine aircraft in its category and has been featured as a leader in efficiency throughout the aviation news industry since its initial release in the 1970s.


  Mooney International is an iconic American brand with more than an 80-year history of producing the best-in-class aircraftMooney’s reign and focus on speed has converged with safety and style to bolster our unique aircraft manufacturing and engineering approach that have made our aircraft legends. Mooneys are single-engine, piston powered aircraft that hold more than 130 world speed and altitude records with a fleet that has accumulated over 40 million flight hours, as well as an impressive safety record. Mooney has offices in Kerrville, TX, Chino, CA, and Beijing, China. For more information visit

AVIC International Holding Corporation was set up in 1979, with majority shares owned by Aviation Industries of China (AVIC). Headquartered in Beijing, AVIC International delivered over 147 billion RMB in revenue in 2013. The company has over 70,000 employees across 400 subsidiaries and is located in over 50 countries. AVIC International is a well-diversified company, with holdings in International Civil Aviation, Trade & Logistics, Retail & High-end Consumables, Real Estate and Hotel Management, Electronics Manufacturing, and Natural Resource Development. More information can be found at

Continental Motors Group, Ltd. of Hong Kong, China is a subsidiary of AVIC International Holding Corporation of Beijing, China. Its mission is to provide advanced gasoline and Jet-A piston engine products, spare parts, engine and aircraft services, avionics equipment and repairs as well as pilot training for the general aviation marketplace. Continental is an international operation employing approximately 450 team members in Mobile and Baldwin counties, Alabama, USA; 200 team members in St. Egidien, Germany; and 8 team members in Beijing, China. More information can be found at

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