Avemco Aviation Insurance Partners with Hagerty Classic Car Insurance

July 20, 2018 — The two companies will work together to promote their products and services to each other’s client base. “The affinity we both felt for each other was natural and immediate,” said Marci Veronie, Avemco Insurance Company Vice President of Sales. “Hagerty is as passionate about collectible vehicles and the enthusiasts who own them as Avemco® is about pilots and their airplanes. The care that classic car and aircraft owners exhibit and the protection they feel their assets deserve is identical.”

Both Avemco and Hagerty are known for their personal involvement in their customers’ hobbies and interests. Many Avemco employees are pilots and Hagerty employees regularly join in company-sponsored restorations of classic vehicles.

“The relationship between people who love classic cars and those who love airplanes is undeniable. If you look in the hangars at any airport, you will see classic Corvettes and Mustangs sitting alongside their owners’ Bonanzas and Cessnas,” said McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty. “Many of the aircraft Avemco insures are of similar vintage to the cars we insure and inspire a similar passion.”

Hagerty has been insuring collectible vehicles since 1984 and today protects more than 1.5M collector and enthusiast vehicles, including motorcycles and boats. Avemco has been insuring personal aircraft and pilots since 1961, from single and twin-engine piston certified airplanes to gliders and homebuilt aircraft, along with the pilots who rent them.

Photo courtesy of Victor Youngblood, Victor Youngblood Photography

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