Announcing the return of PROP GUARD!


Baldwin City, Kansas, March 21, 2014 - McFarlane Aviation Products is pleased to announce the acquisition of
the STC, and the FAA-PMA approval to manufacture PROP GUARD, and its immediate availability.

PROP GUARD is made from a special high strength heat processed polymer engineered for centrifugal loads. It
is NOT just a piece of tape! PROP GUARD is a 0.018" thick clear anti-abrasion boot that is bonded to the leading
edge of the propeller. Water, sand, rock, and airborne abrasives are constantly eroding your propeller. As the
name suggests, PROP GUARD can eliminate this destructive process.

PROP GUARD is easy to install, typically taking less than 30 minutes. There is no performance loss associated
with PROP GUARD. PROP GUARD has been fully tested, and it is applicable for most metal propellers. PROP
GUARD is STC FAA-PMA approved, and the install is considered a minor alteration (no FAA Form 337 required).
PROP GUARD is sold in a convenient kit which includes the boot, adhesion accelerator, placard, lint-free cotton
cloth, complete installation instructions and a copy of the STC. Reference Kit P/N FP1001 for a two bladed
propeller, and Kit P/N CS1002 for a three bladed propeller.


Two new convenient repair kits are also now available to allow repair of existing PROP GUARD installations.
Each repair kit includes a short length of PROP GUARD boot material, adhesion accelerator, lint-free cotton
cloth, a spreader, and complete installation instructions. Reference P/N PG-KT-R12 for 12 inches of material and
P/N PG-KT-R24 for 24 inches of material.

McFarlane Aviation Products is proud to support general aviation with high quality replacement aircraft parts at
affordable prices for over 25 years. For more information, go to, and search for P/N
FP1001 or CS1002. Our knowledgeable and pleasant Sales Staff can be reached at 800-544-8594 or 785-594-

McFarlane, the McFarlane logo, PROP GUARD and the PROP GUARD logo are trademarks of McFarlane Aviation,


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