Aircraft Spruce: the Homebuilders’ Supermarket

Since 1965, when Flo Irwin began cutting up Sitka Spruce in her garage, Aircraft Spruce has been responding to the needs of homebuilders. It began locally, soon took on a national scope and today responds to aircraft builders’ and restorers’ needs from around the globe.
Anyone thinking seriously about building an aircraft or bringing an antique back to its former glory will benefit from the catalog and buying power of Aircraft Spruce. The catalog, both hardcopy and on-line, details a vast assortment of materials, tools, books, avionics, pilot supplies and hardware. Because the company has been around so long and buys in such volume, it is able to pass on tremendous savings to its customers. Most orders that are placed for in-stock items by 4pm are shipped the same day. Aircraft Spruce has become the homebuilder’s supermarket. It wasn’t that long ago that homebuilders often spent two hours trying to locate or purchase construction materials for every hour they spent fabricating their aircraft. Now, with one phone call, fax, or session on the internet, it’s possible to order every item needed for any design that’s out there. Need plans? They sell complete sets of plans for 35 different scratchbuild projects and they’ll also sell you a complete materials package for building that design.

Source: Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.

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