Aircraft Spruce & Specialty 2011-2012 Catalog

Corona, CA – Aircraft Spruce & Specialty will begin distributing printed copies and CD versions of their new 2011-2012 catalog at EAA’s AirVenture 2011. Few people today begin a homebuilt or restoration project without an Aircraft Spruce catalog and most people who own a certified aircraft find it invaluable for routine maintenance, upgrades, and pilot supplies. There are hundreds of new products in the catalog as one might expect of a company that offers over 60,000 different items relating to aviation.
The 2011-2012 catalog cover features legendary aircraft designer Burt Rutan. In the early 1970's, Burt walked into the Aircraft Spruce offices in Fullerton, CA and offered Aircraft Spruce the opportunity to be the distributor of materials for a new homebuilt design, the Vari-Eze. Flo and Bob Irwin agreed to stock the fiberglass, foam, epoxy and other materials for the aircraft, and Vari-Eze and Long-Eze kits were shipped in great numbers by Aircraft Spruce over the next ten years. Burt's career continued to flourish as he designed many amazing aircraft such as the Defiant, Boomerang, Grizzly, Solitaire, Quickie, and Starship, as well as the record breaking Voyager and SpaceShip One.

Source: Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.

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