Aircraft Spruce Offers Free Shipping on Sennheiser's New S1 Headset

The Sennheiser S1 Digital aviation headset is designed to give you maximum control over noise levels in the cockpit, so you can focus on the joy of flying. At the push of a button, the S1’s exclusive NoiseGard™ digital technology accurately analyzes the cockpit’s noise levels to achieve superior noise cancellation during all phases of flight from take-off to landing. This headset comes with standard dual GA plugs for fixed wing aircraft. The S1 has an introductory price of $995(MSRP $1095), and Aircraft Spruce offers free shipping on this headset (normal free shipping rules apply).
For more information, please contact Aircraft Spruce at 877-477-7823 and reference part number 11-09919

Source: Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.

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