ACF-50® Anti-Corrosion Formula Now "In-Stock" at A.E.R.O., Inc.



ACF-50® Anti-Corrosion Formula is now "in-stock" and ready to purchase at A.E.R.O., Inc. Be sure to get your state of the art, anti-corrosion lubricant compound now!


ACF-50 Anti Corrosion Formula is an ultra-thin fluid compound that has the technology to remove moisture and other corrosive fluids (salt water, etc.) from essential airplane parts like joints, rivets, seams, hinges and other cable or metal areas. ACF-50’s thin film seeps deep into these areas acting like an “off switch” for corrosion and remaining effective for up to 24 hours! Specifically designed for the Aerospace industry, this compound also eliminates and prevents deterioration and inhibits rust for airframes as well as avionics and electrical systems. ACF-50 is available at A.E.R.O. in a 13 oz aerosol bottle and in gallon form from 1 gal to 50 gal. A.E.R.O. also sells the hand held and standard pump spray systems for application. Spend less time worrying about corrosion and more time flying with ACF-50!


For detailed information, please visit our website at or contact an A.E.R.O. sales representative at:

  • IL  800.362.3044
  • PA 1.800.831.5454
  • AK 1.866.565.7722


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