A.E.R.O., Inc. Announces New Product


A.E.R.O., Inc. has a new aircraft maintenance tool that will make installing your aircraft engine controls a whole lot easier! The Aircraft Cable Socket Tool is an engine control cable socket and nut kit, and it is only available at A.E.R.O.


For 40 years, A.E.R.O. has been committed to supplying the world's finest pilots and mechanics with unique products, and the Aircraft Cable Socket Tool will not disappoint. This 2 piece socket set with a unique open channel design fits over engine control cables. It is also designed to make the impossible possible. It can get to those hard to reach nuts that secure throttle, mixture, and other control cables. The kit includes a 1" driver socket assembly, a 3/4" adapter, and a plastic storage tube.


For detailed information, please visit our website at www.aeroinstock.com or contact an A.E.R.O. sales representative at:

  • IL  800.362.3044
  • PA 1.800.831.5454
  • AK 1.866.565.7722


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