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Cessna 208/208B Caravan

Baldwin City, KS, August 8, 2018: McFarlane Aviation Products is quickly becoming the leading supplier of FAA-PMA and STC aftermarket parts for Cessna 208/208B Caravans.

As stated by McFarlane’s president, Dave McFarlane, “We are working with the owners and operators to improve the quality of parts and lower their cost of repairs. Downtime for repairs is costly. The Cessna Caravan plays an extremely important role in moving cargo and passengers, and does not need to be sitting idle.” Most of this fleet is made up of revenue aircraft that are worked hard. Improving the quality of the components is key to extending the service life of these proven airframes.

A few of the most recent FAA-PMA approvals by McFarlane Aviation Products are Flight Control Cables, Spoiler Hinges with select fit pins, as well as Flap Tracks. Cables may be purchased individually or as complete kits. Improvements have been made to the conduit and end terminals utilized on the trim actuator cable assemblies. These improvements, combined with the industry leading processes that McFarlane utilizes in production, make these the superior products offered for these aircraft. All of this comes to the customer at a significant savings over factory OEM parts. Also offered are complete pulley kits. These kits utilize higher quality sealed bearing pulleys and contain all of the pulleys and cotter pins required for one aircraft.

Not only does McFarlane Aviation produce their own line of products, but they also stock and distribute for other PMA manufacturers. Airforms, Inc. now has STC approval for the repair of nose gear torque links on the 208/208B Caravan. Oversized pins, bolts, and tool kits are available through McFarlane. Extend the life of your torque links and save thousands of dollars. All of this can be done with the gear installed on the aircraft! High strength wheel bolts for the main gear wheels are offered through an STC upgrade. This dramatically increases the performance life of the wheels. Also offered through McFarlane Aviation are Airforms FAA-PMA approved Primary Exhaust Flange, Torque Links, Crew Door Panels, Passenger Door Steps, Heater Vents, Tail Tie Down Handle, Cabin Entry Step, and more!

McFarlane Aviation Products has provided general aviation with high quality replacement aircraft parts at an affordable price for over 30 years. McFarlane Aviation was recently awarded the Kansas Governor’s Award of Excellence! For more information, go to or call 800-544-8594 or 785-594-2741.

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