Hartzell Engine Technologies Completes New Websites

Hartzell Engine Technologies Completes New Corporate and Product Line Websites as Part of Overall Corporate Rebranding Effort

The company has launched new websites for
AeroForce turbochargers, Plane-Power alternators, Sky-Tec starters,
Janitrol Aero cabin heaters and Fuelcraft fuel pumps.

Montgomery, AL (April 30, 2018) — Keith Bagley, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET), announced today that the company has completed updating and rebranding of its corporate website, as well as creating new websites for all of its five product lines.

• Hartzell Engine Technologies corporate site: www.Hartzell.aero
• AeroForce turbocharger systems: www.AeroForce.aero
• Plane-Power alternators and voltage regulators: www.PlanePower.aero
• Sky-Tec starters: www.SkyTec.aero
• Janitrol Aero cabin heating systems: www.Janitrol.Aero
• Fuelcraft fuel pumps: www.Fuelcraft.aero

“As you can well appreciate, the task of totally redesigning, rebranding and rebuilding six individual websites was a tremendous undertaking by the Hartzell Engine Technologies team and that of the creative group at Jajo Inc.,” Bagley said. “We are extremely proud of the look of all the new websites and the enhanced features and user capabilities they will deliver to our customers around the world.”

Bagley explained that the new product sites contain comprehensive application guides, specific service information, troubleshooting information, and, where applicable, downloadable Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) documentation.

“Also, because our customers want to be able to access this information on their smartphones and tablets, all of our redesigned websites are responsive for mobile devices,” he said.

Bagley also explained that when customers are ready to purchase they can find distributor information in the Where to Buy section of each website. In addition, on the Janitrol Aero website customers can use the Application Guide to link to HET’s e-commerce on-line store to purchase products directly from the company.

“This capability will save our customers time when ordering assemblies and line replaceable units,” Bagley said. “Within the coming months, we will also offer this same type of e-commerce convenience as part of our Sky-Tec Loyalty Exchange Program.”

The new HET corporate website contains items of general interest including a Careers section that links to the company’s on-line employment application system. It also has information on Upcoming Events that company representatives will be attending, as well as a Media Room with press releases, newsletter archives and company educational videos.

About Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC
Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC, along with its sister company, Hartzell Propeller Inc., form the general aviation business unit of Tailwind Technologies Inc., a growing aerospace technology company. Hartzell Engine Technologies is the leading OEM supplier of aircraft cabin heating solutions and engine accessories, including turbocharging systems, aircraft alternators, starters and fuel pumps. These product lines are produced under the Janitrol Aero, AeroForce, Plane-Power, Sky-Tec and Fuelcraft brands. For further information about Hartzell Engine Technologies and its products please visit: www.Hartzell.aero.

Source: http://hartzell.aero/news-release/hartzell-engine-technologies-completes-new-corporate-product-line-websites-part-overall-corporate-rebranding-effort/

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