TruTrak to Continue Offering AFS Products

TruTrakSpringdale, AR July 24, 2013- The ATS joint venture with TruTrak and AFS launched last year will be undergoing some changes.  The ATS brand name will continue, but will be adding a new partner, Dittel Avionik of Germany.  Due to the acquisition of Advanced Flight Systems, by Dynon Avionics, AFS will no longer be a direct participant in ATS, but will continue to work closely with TruTrak to provide direct interfaces among their products.  The AF Pilot will continue to be sold by AFS and all AFS products will continue to be offered by TruTrak.


AFS, Dynon, and TruTrak have been working very closely together for several years.  All three are active in the ASTM light sport and avionics standards and have been working on various other projects together.  The small size and high owner participation allows all three companies to work closely together in serving the aviation community.


Dittel Avionik is the manufacturer of the new KRT2 VHF Comm radio launched recently by ATS.  This new lightweight radio has a built in VOX intercom, standby frequency monitoring, and 6 Watts of transmitting power.  The radio has a special interface designed specifically for the Advanced 5000 series EFIS, which offers full remote control of the radio.  The KRT2 retails for $1250 when purchased as a stand-alone product, and $1100 when purchased as part of an EFIS system.


TruTrak is also introducing the new Vizion autopilot line.  The Vizion will replace the very popular Digiflight II series of autopilots.  The packaging and user interface will be very similar to aid in plug and play replacement of existing Digiflight autopilots.  This new product line now offers altitude select, emergency AP level, and full remote autopilot control via AFS or G3X EFIS.  There is also now a single axis version, which is easily upgradeable to the two-axis version. Prices for the two-axis version start at $2800, including servos.

Source: TruTrak Flight Systems

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