Private Jets On the Market Today Emphasize Luxury and Personalized Touches


The private jet market is growing across the nation, and a recent display in Las Vegas showcases opulent new options

The private jet industry is an interesting beast. Private jet sales have been gradually increasing over the past few years and new sales trends have pointed to a change in the buying habits of private jet owners. While private jet buyers have always sought luxurious options and cutting edge technological packages in their jets, new data reveals that these shoppers today are seeking luxury and personalization.

On the Las Vegas tarmac sat an Embraer 1000, a luxurious model that stands as the flagship model for the Brazilian airplane maker. With a hefty $53 million price tag, the 1000 is designed for a particularly discriminating customer and isn’t biased to the average tire kicker who is looking to upgrade their puddle jumper. These planes command a premium and are often found sporting highly customized equipment packages and in configurations that play to the owner’s needs. This modern day emphasis on the customization of private jets has led some aftermarket fabrication houses to become nearly as popular and visible as the aircraft manufacturers themselves!

Top features in demand today in the private jet market

Starting from the outside of the jet to the inside, one of the most important features for many private jet owners is a customized paint job. Embraer recently made news when it gave a $29 million Legacy 650 jet to Jackie Chan – China’s most famous contemporary actor. The company is seeking to make inroads into this populous nation, and the PR move was capped off with the addition of a custom Jackie Chan paint job complete with dragon artwork. Custom plane builders and customization houses often consult with clients to design an exterior design scheme that represents the buyer’s personal brand.

On the inside of many luxury private jets is where the real customization begins. Simple but important features like oversized, leather clad chairs complete with integral, flexible work stations and pleasing wood trim features are popular today. Lighting design has also taken center stage, as soft hued white and blue shades have replaced the glaring, bright white lights of yesteryear. Soft wallpaper, usable galleys and accommodating lavatories, and the flexibility of custom designed sleeping cabins make even transatlantic flights completely comfortable.

With the private jet market in an upswing, builders and custom shops must understand the latest demands from this discriminating client group. Wi-Fi, complete electronics and entertainment packages, and flexible and accommodating seating or sleeping arrangements are all highly sought after these days. For the private jet buyer that is looking for these features at a lesser cost, purchasing a pre-owned airplane and enlisting the services of a custom shop can deliver a stellar airplane at a substantially reduced cost.

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