Power by Blueprint, Inc. Offers Performance-built Aircraft Engine Overhauls

Power by Blueprint

Power by Blueprint, Inc. offers performance-built aircraft engine overhauls

Personalized overhauls are backed by the very best industry warranty—and the warranty is transferrable

BEDFORD PARK, ILL., May 10, 2016 – With over 40 years of experience in serving the industry with the finest personalized products and service, the Blueprint name has been recognized for safe, dependable and performance-built aircraft engine overhauls. Ed Rachanski, Jr. and his brother Mike have established Power by Blueprint, Inc. to continue offering the finest personalized engine overhauls in the industry.

The Rachanski/Blueprint background includes several noted industry firsts, such as developing a study on stresses incurred to the engine during a prop strike incident. This study provided the necessary evidence to the insurance industry that an engine teardown was necessary after a prop strike. The Blueprint report helped aircraft owners be reimbursed for engine teardown inspection costs from insurance companies which improved safety and lowered liability for both operators and insurance companies.

Blueprint's commitment to the very best workmanship and customer support was recognized after aircraft owner survey. Blueprint was named one of the nation’s finest engine overhaul facilities by Aviation Consumer and US Aviator magazines.

Shell Oil Co. selected Blueprint to be featured in its national ad introducing Shell’s first multi-viscosity aviation oil. Blueprint also conducted extensive field testing on their engine overhauls through the Great Lakes Manufacturing and Engineering Division of the FAA to receive FAA Approval for the AvBlend oil product.

A state-of-the-art machine shop equipped with the latest dynamometer technology is used to provide the very best overhaul for Blueprint's valued customers.

Blueprint overhauls, which are built to factory-new limit specifications using genuine factory parts, also meet and exceed the manufacturer’s list of required replacement parts. New cylinders and camshafts are included in Blueprint’s overhauls for very specific reasons.
The initial startup of a newly overhauled engine is very critical. AvBlend keeps friction surfaces cool during the break-in period. Too much heat while the metal is forming itself into its job can easily cause brittleness, loss of flexibility and a tendency to break under sudden and severe strains.

AvBlend allows metal to temper itself under working conditions and assume the right degree of suppleness and hardness for the job it is expected to do during its entire service life. This is known as work tempering (energizing) and can only be accomplished under conditions where excess frictional heat is eliminated. AvBlend allows proper break-in to occur while reducing conditions for cylinder wall glazing during the initial hours of a newly-overhauled engine’s life.

Only Blueprint uses the AvBlend Fusion process, treating all metal parts before the engine is assembled. This important process helps set the operational path for allowing your engine to achieve optimum performance throughout its entire service life.

Other beneficial steps include multi-angle valve/seat machining, power balancing the cylinder combustion chambers and special finish cylinder wall honing to eliminate peaks which allow rings to seat without damaging their edges. (Without this process, broken-off metal edges on the cylinder wall crosshatch go through your new engine bearings, etc.)

The crosshatch pattern aids in better cylinder wall lubrication control and retention for improved oil consumption and combustion "peak pressure" efficiency. Proper valve/seat and cylinder wall/piston and ring sealing are an absolute must for safe takeoff, climb and cruise performance.

Blueprint feels communication with the customer on proper engine operation is key in achieving and maintaining optimum performance for the engine’s service life. Blueprint supports its personalized overhauls by the very best industry warranty, which is three years or TBO, whichever occurs first. And the warranty is transferrable to another owner.

For more information, contact Ed Rachanski, Jr. direct at 708-790-0108 or email him at Ed.Rachanski@gmail.com.

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