Mercy Flight Southeast and Stallion 51 Picks Raffle Winner Volunteer Pilot Jim Penn wins the flight-of-a-lifetime in a P-51 Mustang

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Stallion 51 Corporation teamed up with Mercy Flight Southeast to raise funds for their volunteer pilot organization by raffling a flight in Stallion 51’s Mustang. Hundreds of people from all over the country bought tickets hoping to win a hands-on orientation flight. The winner was announced at the Sun ‘N’ Fun Fly-in April 5th. Angel Flight South Central Volunteer Pilot Jim Penn from Fort Worth, Texas was the lucky winner.

Jim Penn has been a pilot for over ten years and flying for Angel Flight South Central since 2007. He has recently upgraded from a Columbia 400 to a TBM. Both aircraft are well suited for flying volunteer pilot medical missions as well as business travel. Jim is a CPA by trade, and an expert witness concerning business valuations and financial matters, frequently flying his airplane to do business. “I particularly like to fly children, especially those who live in rural areas and would not be able to receive the kind of medical care they require where they live.” Jim remarked. “My favorite missions were for a two year-old named Caroline who had a rare autism spectrum disorder called Rett Syndrome. There was no cure for her disease so she had to make frequent trips to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.

Jim’s family has a history of military aviation. His son Ryan is an aviation electrician, with a tattoo of a P-51 Mustang on his left arm, in honor of his grandfather who flew the P-51 in WWII. Jim entered the raffle with the attitude that it was a worthwhile donation, and that he didn’t think he had any chance of winning. He purchased six tickets and it was his sixth ticket that won. Jim joked: “While I considered for a moment letting my son take my place, that moment passed as I thought about the thrill of the experience!”

Stallion 51 Corporation was pleased to partner with Mercy Flight Southeast that has helped so many children and adults for over 30 years. Funds raised during the Mustang Flight Raffle will support their mission and assist in coordinating over 3,000 free flights each year. Aeroplane, Air Age, Air Classics, AOPA, Barnstormers, Challenge Publications, EAA Warbirds, Experience Kissimmee, Flying Magazine, FlyPast, General Aviation News, Inflight USA Pilot, Plane and Pilot, Trade-A-Plane Display were all a big part of helping to promote this raffle. Without the contribution of media outlets such as these the success of the promotion would not be possible.

About Stallion 51
Stallion 51 Corporation is a comprehensive aviation organization offering a wide range of services in historic aircraft including orientation flights in the legendary dual cockpit, dual control P-51 Mustang, historic T-6 Texan and L-39 TurboJet. Stallion 51 offers check-out, transition and re-currency training, FAA medical certification, aircraft sales and management. For over 25 years, Stallion 51 has been a world leader in WWII aviation; focusing on safety and quality flight training. (407) 846-4400

About Mercy Flight Southeast
Mercy Flight Southeast is a non-profit volunteer pilot organization that arranges free flights so children and adults can have access to the far-from-home doctors that can save their lives. Mercy Flight Southeast and Angel Flight South Central are members of the Air Charity Network, an association of charitable aviation organizations comprised of more than 7,500 pilots and who represent over 90% of all charitable non-emergency flights flown in the nation. Mercy Flight Southeast has won the seal of approval from Independent Charities of America recognizing Mercy Flight Southeast as a good steward of the funds it generates from the public. (800) 352-4256

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