Introducing the Light-Weight Power Supply Solution

Start PacA new range of light weight mobile power supplies has been launched by leading supplier, Start Pac.
Developed in response to a need for a more compact, mobile power supply StartPac has released the Start Pac® Model 53300, a powerful 300 amp power supply that weighs only 18 kilos (40 lbs).
The unit is designed for maintenance and to power up various functions such as inverters, avionics, GPS, and air conditioning so is perfect for maintenance operation or field based operators as well as business jets, medical evacuation, police, fire or rescue operations with high draw aircraft systems.

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Mark Marar- Vice President of Engineering and Quality Director: “Existing products in the field can be very heavy and cumbersome, which in this line of work - where fast reaction and agility are crucial – is a significant disadvantage. We listened to the market and responded by with a more compact, more mobile product that has the same power with none of the weight.”
Start Pac applied the most advanced and latest power supply technology to achieve the greatly reduced size and weight.
Mark Marar- Vice President of Engineering and Quality Director: “We pride ourselves on listening to our clients’ needs and using the most cutting-edge technology to ensure we stay ahead of the game. The 53300 embodies the innovative and client-focussed approach that is core to our business.”
Within 2 months of launch, 30 different companies in 12 different countries have invested in the Model 53300.
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Source: Start Pac

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