AvMap EKPs Now Compatible With iFlightPlanner Planned Routes

iFlightPlanneriFlightPlanner and AvMap officially announced today the addition of compatible technology that will allow pilots the ability to quickly and easily export flight routes planned using the iFlightPlanner.com Flight Wizard™ to their AvMap GPS navigator.
iFlightPlanner features a collection of cloud-based flight planning products for the United States that are accessible via iFlightPlanner.com, mobile.iFlightPlanner.com or iFlightPlanner for iPad presented by Sennheiser. Pilots are guided through iFlightPlanner’s propriety online Flight Wizard™, a comprehensive flight planning process consisting of intuitive route planning with real-time aviation weather, certified weather briefs, a weight & balance calculator and wireless VFR, ICAO and Washington D.C. SFRA flight plan filing. Owners of an AvMap EKP V, IV PRO, IV or Geopilot II Plus who maintain an iFlightPlanner Premium membership can now export flight plans directly from iFlightPlanner into their AvMap GPS navigator. Pilots who fly the Geopilot or EKP series can use AvMap’s ‘GPX Converter’ software while owners of the EKP V require the ‘AvMap Suite’ desktop application available at http://www.AvMap.it/Avionics/AvMapSuite. In addition to importing flight plans, the AvMap Suite manages other data such as user waypoints, flight tracks and even customized raster charts. Moreover, it facilitates the map and software updates for the EKP V.
“The EKP V is a multifunctional and versatile aeronautical navigator capable of becoming the core of a pilot’s integrated avionics system. With that in mind, AvMap is pleased to be offering compatibility with iFlightPlanner and other thirdparty flight planning solutions,” said Simone Lazzarini, CEO of AvMap. “EKP V is a product in continuous evolution and this is just one of the initiatives that will be introduced in 2013 to enhance AvMap products for our customers.”

“We are excited to be able to extend our cloud-based flight planning technology to current and future AvMap EKP owners,” added Andy Matthews, iFlightPlanner’s Co-Founder & Director of Business Development. “iFlightPlanner was founded on principles of safety and flight planning efficiency, and this innovative cooperation with will no doubt help pilots spend less time programming their navigational devices while enabling them to fly with the confidence that comes from a thoroughly planned flight.”

Both companies will be represented at AirVenture 2013, July 29 – August 4, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. AvMap can be found in Booth #3025 and iFlightPlanner will be in Booth #288, outside Hangar B with Sennheiser Aviation.
For more information please visit www.avmap.us or www.iflightplanner.com/avmap to create your iFlightPlanner Premium account. iFlightPlanner memberships start at just $9.95/month and include access to iFlightPlanner’s cloud-based flight planning technology, U.S.-based aeronautical charts and the newly released AvMap.

AvMap EKP V satellite navigation units are available from the company’s website or through your preferred pilot shop or avionics retailer.
How to Import Flight Plans from iFlightPlanner to How to Import Flight Plans from iFlightPlanner to o theee AvMap EKP AvMap EKP AvMap EKP V
1. Plan your route by using the web-based iFlightPlanner Flight Wizard™ and Click “Export to AvMap”.
2. Connect the EKP V to your computer and once the AvMap Suite loads, click “Explore Device”.
3. Click “Flight Plans”, then “Add” and select the iFlightPlanner flight plan file that was saved to your hard drive.
4. Click “Import to EKP”.
5. Disconnect the EKP V and then select your desired flight plan from the device’s “Flight Plan” page.
About iFlightPlanner About iFlightPlanner
iFlightPlanner was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Built on a foundation of safety,
usability, and flight planning efficiency, iFlightP iFlightPlanner.com iFlightPlanner.com, mobile.iFlightPlanner.com lanner.com mobile.iFlightPlanner.com mobile.iFlightPlanner.com and iFlightPlanner for iP iFlightPlanner for iPad a presented by Sennheiser are designed to reach out t presented by Sennheiser o the resources that pilots typically access and aggregate that data in such a way that pilots are able to intuitively and confidently make sound flying decisions. With continued feedback from the aviation community, iFlightPlanner’s integrated approach to flight planning has made it the premier flight planning solution for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike!
About AvMap About AvMap
AvMap was established in Italy in 1994 within the C-MAP group, the world leader in electronic chart technology. AvMap made its debut in the aeronautical market with the EKP (electronic kneepad), one of the most successful flight navigation systems sold worldwide. AvMap transferred its electronic cartography expertise from the aeronautical to the terrestrial sector, becoming a leader in satellite navigation solutions and fleet tracking systems. Users include the armed forces, police, fire brigades and emergency services. In 1994, AvMap pioneered the sector of GPS portable solutions dedicated
to car navigation, launching the ‘Desert Cruiser’ followed by ‘Road Cruiser’, ‘Geosat GPS’, ‘Geosat evolution’, ‘Geosat2’, the ‘Geosat 4 series’, ‘Geosat 5 series’ and the Geosat 6 series. In 2007 the AvMap Automotive B2B unit developed new super smart semi-integrated solutions which satisfy the high quality standards of the automotive industry. AvMap partners include PSA Group (Peugeot and Citroen), Toyota, Mitsubishi Motor Company Brazil and many others. For additional information on AvMap solutions, please visit: http://www.avmap.it.

Source: iFlightPlanner

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