Aspen Avionics to Provide Display for the Last Airworthy F-4 Phantom in the United States

Aspen donates Evolution Pro 1000 Primary Flight Display (PFD) to replace original instrumentation in Viet Nam-era fighter

Albuquerque, NM, April 17, 2017: Aspen Avionics announced today that it is donating an Evolution Pro 1000 Primary Flight Display to the Collings Foundation for installation in the last airworthy F-4 Phantom in the United States.

Since 1999, the Phantom has been operated, along with other Viet Nam-era aircraft by the Collings Foundation. It is one of the most important military aircraft in the history of the United States. This F-4 Phantom was retired by the United States Air Force in 1996 after nearly 40 years of service and retirement threatened to end the chance for people to see an aircraft in flight that contributed to the country’s history.

Because of Aspen’s modular and flexible design coupled with its open architecture philosophy, the Evolution Pro PFD is well-suited to replace failing mechanical instrumentation in a variety of aircraft – including the F-4 Phantom.

“Aspen Avionics takes enormous pride in helping organizations like the Collings Foundation to preserve rare, historical aircraft,” said Perri Coyne, director of marketing operations. “Aspen Avionics has always been an advocate of keeping historic aircraft relevant and flying safely to help preserve the memory of their great past so we can share its history for future aviators. Examples of this include equipping AT-6 Texans for both the AeroShell Aerobatic Team and Geico SkyTypers with Aspen primary and multi-function displays,” said Coyne.

"The Collings Foundation is thrilled to receive the support from Aspen Avionics with the donation of a new Evolution Pro 1000 PFD to go in the only flying F-4 Phantom in the United States. This avionics upgrade will be integral to the continued operation of this iconic jet. The legacies of our veterans and history of the Viet Nam war are represented through the operation of the legendary F-4 Phantom. There is no better way to honor these veterans than though the spectacular sight of an F-4 streaking across the sky. Aspen Avionics is playing an important role in helping us keep the last Phantom flying for generations to come," said Rob Collings, executive director of the Collings Foundation.

Currently painted in the colors of FP-680 (AF63-7680), the jet flown by Robin Olds during Operation Bolo, F-4D Phantom II, AF65-0749 is being flown by Ret. LtCol. Jerry 'Jive' Kirby with passenger Lunar Sawyer in the back seat. One of the only civilian-operated Phantoms in the world, it took an act of Congress by means of an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill of 1999 to allow the Collings Foundation to acquire and operate its F-4 Phantom.



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