Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Forum at Sun 'n Fun 2016

“Getting It Right When Things Go Wrong”
Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Forum at Sun N Fun 2016

Sun 'n Fun-Lakeland, Florida, John Posson from Stallion 51, will be presenting a Forum on Saturday April 9 at 10:00 Room 6 of the Aerospace Education Building on Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. John is an instructor pilot in both the P-51 and L-39 at Stallion 51’s base of Operation at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport. In addition, John’s vast experience as an instructor for Stallion’s UAT (Unusual Attitude Training) program gives him valuable hands on experience on what to do when things go wrong.

Over 25 years ago, the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) recommended specific initial and recurrent training in Unusual Attitude Recoveries for pilots after studying various related accidents.

The purpose of upset prevention and recovery training is to train pilots to recognize and respond accurately and quickly before the situation progresses into one from which they may be unable to recover. When confronted with a crisis, you will not rise to the occasion; you will descend to the level of your training.

This presentation not only addresses the value of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training but also the importance of training in real aircraft not simulators that directly correlate to the types of aircraft that a pilot is flying. Real Time, Real Life training.

About UAT
Unusual Attitude Training (UAT) is designed to familiarize pilots with recovery from unusual attitudes and inadvertent upsets. Our unique, three-part, FAA approved program provides Ground School, VFR and IFR upset prevention and recovery training using the L-39 turbojet and P-51 Mustang.

UAT allows pilots to experience actual unusual attitudes and upsets and teaches proper prevention and recovery techniques. In using real aircraft for our training, students experience conditions and sensations that are not possible through simulation. It’s a program like none other.


About Stallion 51
Stallion 51 Corporation is a comprehensive aviation organization offering a wide range of services in historic aircraft including orientation flights in the legendary dual cockpit, dual control P-51 Mustang, historic T-6 Texan and L-39 TurboJet. Stallion 51 offers check-out, transition and re-currency training, FAA Medical certification, aircraft sales and management. For over 25 years, Stallion 51 has been a world leader in WWII aviation; focusing on safety and quality flight training. (407)846-4400


Contact: KT Budde-Jones


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